Base Renamed After Area Hero

This is winning:

Damn that’s a story. It takes a person like that to win against a HOA, too.

(H/T Scissorhead M Davis)

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1 Response to Base Renamed After Area Hero

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I was a close friend to a full blooded Cherokee while in the marines. He got sentenced to a four year enlistment after he beat up a guy who was giving a load of crap to his girlfriend. The other guy died as a result of his injuries, but Steven didn’t mean for this to happen. He was a professional boxer, and just wanted to punch him out. He was one of my best friends at the time, and you never had to worry about your personal safety when he was around. He was a stand up guy. No one is going to name a base after him, but he was an honorable friend. I kept in touch with him for a while, but lost touch a long time ago…


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