Keep Yapping, Dumbo

Seething Rage.
(image courtesy Scissorhead MonkeyFister)

I just overheard some legal beagles saying that this kind of rhetoric is exactly what gets bail denied. Also (they speculated) this is Obstruction of Justice. I didn’t think of either of these things when we covered this item this morning. We regret the error.

Keep yapping, Dumbo.

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10 Responses to Keep Yapping, Dumbo

  1. It’s incitement for sure. This is just openly calling for violence. Violence like this:

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  2. even people running for president don’t get to openly incite violence.

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  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    If he wore a jacket like a normal person he could carry his reading glasses with him. Idiot.

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    TFG has something to say, and yeah, it will make you angry…

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  5. gruaud says:

    “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    You wish, Shitler.

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