Idaho Women: Thanks A Lot, Alito

Witchfinder Sam Alito’s Resting Bitch Face

One thing leads to another, Idaho!

Essentially, Bonner General Health hospital in Sandpoint, ID, announced that it will no longer provide labor, delivery, and  other obstetrician services, explaining that the decision was due to the criminalization of physicians and the inability to retain pediatricians.

It is the only hospital in a 50-mile radius, and the people it serves will now be forced to travel for hours to receive care.

The hospital’s leadership blamed the “political climate” in Idaho, which has caused “highly respected, talented physicians” to leave the state entirely.

 “The Idaho legislature continues to introduce and pass bills that criminalize physicians for medical care nationally recognized as the standard of care.”

Witchfinder Alito’s Dobbs decision legalized a state ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and Idaho is one of six states that prosecutes doctors for providing the procedure.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    You cannot blame the staff for leaving. It’s one thing to encounter resistance to practicing your profession amongst the rubes, but quite another thing to be charged for crimes that are within your scope of practice. Look for this trend of trained professionals leaving the red states to continue…

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  2. And the red states will continue to suffer brain drains; how much longer will it be before they pass laws requiring people to stay within the state if they are on a list of ‘vital professions’

    TTSKoA keeps passing these stoopid bills that have ZERO chance of overriding a veto, because the Rethugs who have razor thin margin in the state insist on operating like they have their usual trifecta of state control.

    Apologizing for the lengthy quote, but the local rag makes this a ‘Subscriber only’ deal 😦 but is is a perfect encapsulation of the GQP in Arizonastan

    Top of the loony list : Justine Wadsack:

    A March 8 incident encapsulated Sen. Justine Wadsack’s short, eventful time in the Legislature so far.

    Wadsack, a Republican, told the state House Judiciary Committee that day she knew of “hundreds if not over a thousand people that tried to sue doctors, state officials, county officials, city officials” over vaccine and mask mandates.

    “These attorneys came to me telling me they were restricted from taking any of those cases,” Wadsack went on. “If they did, the Arizona State Bar would immediately disbar them.”

    When state Rep. Analise Ortiz, a Democrat from the Phoenix area, pressed her for evidence, Wadsack snapped, “I don’t owe you anything in the way of proof.”

    In a March 8 hearing, state Sen. Justine Wadsack claimed the Arizona State Bar is telling attorneys not to take on certain types of cases, but she declined to offer any evidence when asked for it.
    She told a big story, she got pushback from opponents, she flashed disdain at them, and she went on to win. For that day at least.

    It’s been a lively first couple of months in the Legislature for Wadsack. She’s dived head first into culture-war issues, proposing or supporting bills to regulate drag shows, to let parents suggest banning books in schools, and to regulate the use of students’ pronouns in schools, among other things.

    She’s tried to ban charter cities, to force cities to destroy homeless camps, and, in the March 8 case, to end the requirement that attorneys belong to the State Bar.

    As she’s energetically engaged in the culture wars at the Capitol, she’s also continued to embrace conspiracy theories online and do social-media battle with her opponents.

    “#J6 is a lie” she proclaimed on Twitter March 7. She was responding to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s attempt at showing that the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol was not how it has been portrayed — an act by Trump supporters to stop the transfer of power.

    Noting that three hazardous materials spills occurred in one week nationwide, including one in Tucson, she proclaimed “THIS FEELS ORGANIZED” and used the hashtag #biohazard attacks.

    Criticized for her focus on trans issues, Wadsack told one Twitter critic: “Shame on you for your stalking comments on a sitting senator’s Twitter.” She called another critic “soy boy.”

    Wadsack declined to answer 10 questions I emailed her last week about her political approach, her experience in the Legislature and some of her specific battles. She’s asked me not to contact her by cell phone.

    State senators voted Monday to have the Arizona Department of Education come up with a list of books that cannot be used in public schools. The bill, introduced by Sen. Justine Wadsack, will now move to the House. Video courtesy of Arizona Capitol Television.
    Arizona Capitol Television
    Her combative engagement wins her fans among conservative Republicans. Dave Smith, the chair of the Pima County GOP told me, “I think she’s done an outstanding job.”

    “I’ve appreciated her ability to generate legislation about issues we’re concerned about,” said Smith, a resident of the Wadsack’s legislative district. “I understand why the Democrats would be upset because she’s not the supine Republican they’re used to.”

    Wadsack and the two House members from her district benefited from a redistricting process that created a gerrymandered district wrapped around the Tucson area, from Marana, across the Santa Catalina Mountains, south over the Tanque Verde area and all the way to Vail.

    It resulted from a deliberate effort by the chair of the redistricting commission, Erika Neuberg, to get more representation for “right of center folks” in the Tucson area. The Southern Arizona Leadership Council supported the effort, as did then-Sen. Vince Leach, who fought for his residence to be included in this new district.

    He succeeded in helping create the district with a Republican advantage of 5 percentage points only to lose the primary to Wadsack.

    While Wadsack’s aggressiveness may please her supporters, she’s also making enemies. Leach has already filed to run against her for the seat in 2024. He told me many of Wadsack’s bills are just “window dressing” — submitted but never even assigned to committees.

    “Sometimes people get the horse in front of the cart, and don’t think about the long term ramifications,” he said. “You need to think before you just drop bills.”

    In particular, he noted, legislators need to think about what the Democratic governor, Katie Hobbs, will sign. In February, Wadsack stood and turned her back to Hobbs when she delivered her state of the state speech, which won’t help her get bills signed.

    Democrats, of course, don’t appreciate the disdain that Wadsack sometimes treats them with. The episode with Ortiz certainly rankled. In the exchange, Ortiz was composed, but Wadsack lashed out at being questioned.

    “We are elected to make evidence-based decisions, and we owe that to the people we represent,” Ortiz told me Tuesday. “For Ms. Wadsack to say she doesn’t owe me evidence — it wasn’t about me.”

    One of Wadsack’s constituents, John Higgins, shared with me email exchanges he’s had with her. On Jan. 19, he wrote to her:

    “Dear Sen. Wadsack, I have been looking at the bills you have sponsored or co-sponsored to deal with current housing crisis in Arizona, especially in Pinal and Pima Counites. I see you co-sponsored HB2377 which forbids cities from forcing motels, motels and landlords to accept housing vouchers for poor homeless people. Do you have any other ideas or plans (government, private, voluntary) to deal with the lack of affordable housing for families, and for homeless veterans, youth on their own and mentally ill persons?”

    Wadsack’s Jan. 23 response: “Do not contact me. You are a opinion journalist who write hit pieces, but you don’t disclose your intent. Your past communications have been out of line. Please stop.”

    What was that all about? Higgins has written letters to the editor of the Star criticizing Wadsack.

    Wadsack’s contempt toward Democrats and critics is likely to be her Achilles heel. Already, Democrats in LD 17 are preparing a recall campaign against her.

    Christina Rodriguez, who is organizing the recall campaign, said they plan to drum up support in April, then formally launch the 120-day signature-gathering in May.

    “This has been kind of a deluge of bad policy,” she said of Wadsack’s performance. “It’s a clear division between district and legislator.”

    So, Wadsack may get bills passed in the closely divided Senate, and she may even get some through the House, though her bill about the State Bar is stuck there now.

    But it’s undetermined yet whether burning hot with righteousness is a way for her to get bills passed and policies in place.

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    • tengrain says:

      BDR –

      You’ve got a live one with this appropriately named Wadsack. I’m thinking she is the logical but unanticipated product of gerrymandering. I’ll be surprised if she gets recalled.



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      • Yeah she’s not getting recalled. The MAGA crew who got her into office won’t stand for that. She is most definitely a nasty piece of work.

        That ‘ban charter cities’ thing is aimed directly at Tucson. The AZ constitution clearly states that ‘charter cities’ have complete control over how they run city elections. Tucson, nominates city council members by ward, but all candidates are voted on city wide in the general.

        This means that the Evil Demoncrap Machine Democratic voter majority in the city generally elect Democrats to the mayor and city council position.

        Wadsack wants to have the legislature demand affirmative action for Repukes ward-only general elections. The [checks notes] Republican majority for the last 55 years in the State house have been bitching about this obvious oppression for years, taken it to the state Supreme court a number of times and lost.

        Meanwhile the Republicans in Tucson keep putting up candidates like…Justine Wadsack instead of sane republicans (my own ward council member was originally elected as a Republican in 2009, but changed affiliation to Democratic in 2013 because, in his words “This party, whether it’s on immigration, women’s reproductive rights or the whole social panoply of issues is just out of touch with this community.”)

        The last few mayoral elections the local Republican party couldn’t even get enough signatures on nominating petitions to officially have a candidate listed on the ballot. and had to run as write-ins.

        Some historical context…the longest serving Mayor in Tucson was Lew Murphy, a Republican. (1971 to 1987 ) EVERYBODY loved him, he’s got more shit named for him in this town than anyone, so it’s not like we don’t elect Republicans. We just don’t elect batshit crazy Republicans, which are all there is anymore.

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    • MDavis says:

      She’s claiming that lawyers are barred from taking cases?
      I submit that the fact any lawyers are allowed to file cases about imaginary hobgoblins interfering with elections shows this is very unlikely.
      But she doesn’t want to hear this, it interferes with her metaverse.

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  3. roket says:

    I’m sure there will be many more unintended consequences but who’s counting?


  4. Janut says:

    Supine Republicans?


  5. pagan in repose says:

    “Forget it Jake, it’s Idaho.” And they’re Idahoians, too boot in das boot. Beer glass or a boat, or a glass boat, what’s the difference, it’s Idaho. Let us just criminalize all professions, eh. And I say let it be the Stockbrokers first and see how it goes from there.


  6. HarpoSnarx says:

    Just wait unit these enterprising Gooper GerryManatees start oppressing midwives. Why are these evil swine turning our government into the Weimar Republic? Why are American women taking this sh!t?


  7. Redhand says:

    IMHO Dobbs is the worst SCOTUS decision since Dred Scott. It’s that bad and has sealed Alito’s reputation as one of the worst Justices in the Court’s history. (Yeah, I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.) Of course, the arrogant fool will never grasp this, but trust me, “history will not be kind to him.”

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    • tengrain says:

      Totally agree, Redhand.

      He’s not just small and petty. He’s stupid. I suspect that he will have a very public come-uppance in his lifetime, too. I don’t know how or when, but his agenda is somehow or another going to bite him in his very fat ass.




      • Redhand says:

        He has knife-and-fork capabilities with the law but suffers from a fundamental lack of emotional intelligence. He also displays a profound lack of empathy for individuals and personal rights. He’s hard-wired to favor corporate privileges and state power every effing time. And he’s obviously an egomaniac without an ounce of humility.

        Also, his opinions betray an intellectual dishonesty that is, frankly, nauseating. I have seen him play the Executive Branch foreign relations card to justify giving the families of migrants murdered by cross-border gunfire from U.S. border patrol goons no rights to make wrongful death claims. He then later ignored foreign relations considerations to keep in place Trump’s “remain in Mexico” asylum policies in direct opposition to Biden Administration efforts to dismantle them. Curiously, foreign relations with Mexico played no role in this decision.

        So, yeah, I hope he suffers an epic comeuppance. The sonofabitch has one coming.

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