It’s Not Your Imagination

Where there’s smoke, there’s Space Karen

Things are going swell at Space Karen’s joint:

Antisemitic tweets soared on Twitter after Musk took over, study finds

In the months after Elon Musk’s takeover, antisemitic posts on Twitter skyrocketed, according to a report shared first with The Technology 202, which offers a new detailed look into the growing prevalence of hate speech on the site.

The study, which used machine-learning tools to identify likely antisemitic tweets, found that the average weekly number of such posts “more than doubled after Musk’s acquisition” — a trend that has held in the months after Musk took over.

The analysis found an average of over 6,200 posts per week appearing to contain antisemitic language between June 1 and Oct. 27, the day Musk completed his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter. But that figure rose to over 12,700 through early February — a 105 percent increase.

So now we have some numbers to go with what we saw, and no, I do not miss being on Twitter. Not even a little, and that’s a shame as I really used to enjoy it a lot. Remember, if you are at a table with 9 Nazis…

Anyway, the WaPo asked Twitter for comment and got this reply:

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  1. Was space karen picked on a lot in middle school? Because that ‘autorespond with a poop emoji’ sure sounds just like something a bratty 8th grader would do.

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