What Trey Said

It’s a tweet of a TikTok, and Scissorhead M Davis says she could not find a YouTube of it.

What a world!

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6 Responses to What Trey Said

  1. Here’s the Youtube version. As I watched the one above, it occured quick that I heard the same one -but with slightly different visuals. I thought I was nuts, living 2 dimensions simultaneously or something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw3zTUvtv1o


  2. gruaud says:

    ‘Mayonnaise Legion’….so apt.

    The same people who think bleached flour is a spice.

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  3. Ellis Weiner says:

    Has nobody said this yet? When they say “take our country back,” they mean, “Take our country back to 1952.”

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