History Will Repeat Itself, Mark Halperin

Drooling fuckknuckle

A bust from The Pantheon of Dunces

One of the comments I have heard this weekend is that indicting Trump will only make him stronger. “Lay-off the Star Wars, Obi-Wan,” I think to myself.

And then to confirm that I am right, lo! no one other than creeper/flasher Mark Halperin (freshly departed from centrist think tank No Labels, and landed in [check notes] Newsmax, and that career arc takes some incredible stupidity) descends from the Pantheon of Dunces to opine from his substack (no link for obvious reasons):

“Saturday was a preview of what the world will be like until and after the expected indictment is brought against Donald Trump. Most everyone played their preferred roles yesterday, including those who believe Mr. Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to both the United States and to them personally.”

“I say to that group, again and loudly: You are about to increase the odds that Donald Trump will win another four years in the White House. You could in fact be increasing his chances of winning dramatically, maybe even decisively.”

Halperin —who has never been right about anything— weighing in as such has set my mind at ease.

There is no evidence, none, that Hair Füror is in any stronger position now than he was when he lost the 2020 Goat Rodeo. He lost both Senate seats in Georgia in the special election and run-off, his candidates across the board lost the midterm elections (governors, representatives, senators – with the possible exception being Hillbilly Effigy JD Vance), and of course his own re-election. Hair Füror is a loser, profoundly a loser, the most losingest loser of ‘em all.

If he is indeed indicted and if his mob attacks, I do not see a way that this helps his chances, all it does is remind us of his past performance. He lost 2020 in a landslide and the more he reminds us of that the more likely history is to repeat itself.

UPDATE 1: I’m feeling more confident –

UPDATE 2 – Tiger Beat on the Potomac’s morning email thingie:

Many Republicans have suggested that criminal charges will only help Trump politically. (Even former Michigan Rep. PETER MEIJER, who supported Trump’s impeachment and lost his Republican primary as a result, said that this “indictment is a billion dollar gift-in-kind from Democrats to Trump’s ‘24 campaign.”) And indeed, it’s plausible that charges could lead to a rally-to-the-flag effect among Republican primary voters. (Worth emphasizing: How it plays in a general election is a totally different story.)

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3 Responses to History Will Repeat Itself, Mark Halperin

  1. w3ski4me says:

    I fear we aren’t even going to get a decent riot out of his indictment, much less a civil war. More like a stinky fart passing in the breeze, and it’s over. There is some satisfaction in the knowledge that his arrest won’t cause a hubbub as he hoped. If only it was a slam dunk to a long prison sentence, he may get off entirely I read. The last thing we need is to give (it) the idea that (it) is above prosecution.

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  2. gruaud says:

    Briar patch much?

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  3. I love how all these sage political knowersgleefully acknowledge that the rule of law is a quaint notion to be cast aside for the Great Game of Politics.

    And by ‘love’ I mean hate with the heat of a thousand suns…

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