Area Fabulist To Coast To 300% Victory

George Santos —If that is his real name!

(H/T Jill Dennison via Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

George Santos filed paperwork to formally declare his 2024 re-election.

Last week, when asked by CNN’s Melanie Zanona whether he’d run for office again, Santos answered, “Maybe,” and acknowledged that some of his fellow Republicans had urged him not to seek reelection. But he said he was focused on his current job in Congress.

“As Speaker of the House and second in line to the Presidency, I hear the call of duty!,” Santos did not say, but probably thought he would have some spare time now that he has cured cancer.

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1 Response to Area Fabulist To Coast To 300% Victory

  1. Richard says:

    Yuck disgusting. Here i was thinking they were the same thing. It is more nuanced than that. But i still think these christo-fascists are out to kill me.
    We used to have a famous singer called Roza Eskinazi, and she lived in Smyrna, which is now called Izmir.
    She would have laughed at him.
    But yes, he is a criminal. He is a charity case and a buffoon. We always make room for clowns, but we expect them to not be liars and thieves like this guy. I do not want George Santos/ Anthony Devolder/Kashira representing my village. We have enough problems.



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