Remove Fox News From The White House Correspondents Association, Cont.

Previously, the reports had been about how the Fox News “opinion” hosts and  executives knew that they were lying to the viewers; the news today is that the actual news anchors not only knew it, they wanted to lie some more to staunch the flow of their audience to other channels.

It is NOT normal for news anchors to be all in favor of lying to their viewers. That is not “news” that is propaganda. Another day, another lie revealed:

[A] new report goes into shocking detail about Fox News’ tailspin after the 2020 election, and how anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum panicked over the network’s ratings when their own analysts correctly determined Donald Trump was on track to lose.

“Listen, it’s one of the sad realities,” Scott reportedly said. “If we hadn’t called Arizona, those three or four days following Election Day, our ratings would have been bigger. The mystery would have been still hanging out there.”

This led to Baier and MacCallum making the reported suggestion that Fox News should consider viewer reactions when calling states, rather than base their coverage purely on their own (correct) calculations.

“In a Trump environment,” said MacCallum, “The game is just very, very different.”

Baier was also in the thick of this, reportedly suggesting that Fox News “pull” their call for Arizona.

In other words, lie. Do Continue.

At 8:30 the next morning, Ms. Scott suggested Fox not call any more states until certified by authorities, a formal process that could take days or weeks. She was talked out of that. But the next day, with Mr. Biden’s lead in Arizona narrowing, Mr. Baier noted that Mr. Trump’s campaign was angry and suggested reversing the call. “It’s hurting us,” he wrote Mr. Wallace and others in a previously reported email. “The sooner we pull it even if it gives us major egg. And put it back in his column. The better we are. In my opinion.”

Major egg, wasn’t he in the library with the noose?

On Nov. 16, Ms. Scott and Mr. Wallace convened the Zoom meeting to discuss the Arizona decision. Mr. Sammon and Arnon Mishkin, the director of the Decision Desk, were included. Chris Stirewalt, the political editor who had gone on air to defend the call, was not.

Ms. Scott invited Mr. Baier and Ms. MacCallum, “the face” of the network, as she called them, to describe the heat they were taking, according to the recording reviewed by The Times.

“We are still getting bombarded,” Mr. Baier said. “It became really hurtful.” He said projections were not enough to call a state when it would be so sensitive. “I know the statistics and the numbers, but there has to be, like, this other layer” so they could “think beyond, about the implications.”

Ms. MacCallum agreed: “There’s just obviously been a tremendous amount of backlash, which is, I think, more than any of us anticipated. And so there’s that layer between statistics and news judgment about timing that I think is a factor.” For “a loud faction of our viewership,” she said, the call was a blow.

Fox “News” is a sham, as we on the Left have been saying for literally decades, with no one listening to us. It really is past time for the WHCA to boot their LYING asses out of the Briefing Room. This is now about the credibility of all the MSM, not just Fox News. The taint is rubbing off of FNC and onto the WHCA.

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4 Responses to Remove Fox News From The White House Correspondents Association, Cont.

  1. It always has been a sham. The White House should kick them out for their egregious FEC violation of passing on Biden ads to the Trump campaign before airing them.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Just gonna drop this off…

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  3. MDavis says:

    And Boom goes that argument that their opinion shows can freely bury evidence that might damage their advertisers because, after all, it’s only opinion.
    🎉I just hope this “boom” isn’t a dud.

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  4. Jado says:

    I like the optimism that the WHCA gives a rodent’s posterior about reputation or ethics. It’s ALL corporate profits now, and the only way anything will happen is if the C suite thinks it might hit the bottom line. So I give the odds 50/50 whether the WHCA will react, depends on what they think it will do to profits.


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