America Shocked: TFG Lied At CPAC

Daniel Dale, America’s hardest working fact-checker, reports from CNN:

Fact check: Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC

As president, Donald Trump made some of his most thoroughly dishonest speeches at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

As he embarks on another campaign for the presidency, Trump delivered another CPAC doozy Saturday night.

Trump’s lengthy address to the right-wing gathering in Maryland was filled with wildly inaccurate claims about his own presidency, Joe Biden’s presidency, foreign affairs, crime, elections and other subjects.

Here is a fact check of 23 of the false claims Trump made. (And that’s far from the total.)

And then he goes on to correct the record, and boy-howdy, if you think your job sucks imagine have DD’s beat and not only having to listen to Hair Füror’s nasal bray, but then research what he says. I’d ask for hazard pay, at least.

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4 Responses to America Shocked: TFG Lied At CPAC

  1. I’m trying to imagine what a mental health day for this daredevil would look like. Several hours/millennia in an isolation tank while surrounded by Tibetan monks chanting purification sutras, at the minimum.

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  2. MDavis says:

    DD keeps notes. This has to make his job a lot easier, since tfg recycles lies. Most of them were already thoroughly debunked, so DD can just check out whatever frills and dressings have been added.
    Still, I just read that tfg lied over 30,000 times (unsaid is this is the documented lies) in his time in office, so he needs the near-photographic memory of a John Dean to keep track of that, plus a handy database.
    iow – still a cesspool he’s swimming in, but at least he has a scuba set up.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    Who says that the Germans have no sense of humor???


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