CPAC Summarized

H/T Black Aziz Anansi [In Exile]

In additional CPAC news, Hair Füror:

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10 Responses to CPAC Summarized

  1. gruaud says:

    They won’t rest until they can put the rest of us in concentration camps.

    Not being melodramatic; listen to what they say to each other.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      ^^^THIS. They want to kill anyone who does not fit their idea of American. And I am damned tired of their patriotic pretending. They are absolutely looking for a strongman to make their cis white male utopia happen. And they will do it dancing on our graves.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    The shorter version of their insanity…

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  3. IM RowPog says:

    What’s his name?
    (Love the classics; Bonus brief fond memory-flash of Jack Parr’s films of Italy’s spaghetti harvest)


  4. TheOtherHank says:

    But calling the fascists is rude

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  5. sos says:

    Condition: CPAC attendance way down.

    Response: Nuts rattle harder and louder.


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  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The J6 choir is singing the wrong anthem. They must have been coerced into singing the Star Spangled Banner when they really wanted to sing God Save the South.

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    • These days they seem to want to sing the State Anthem of the Russian Federation, but can’t be arsed to learn the words.

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    • MDavis says:

      I was thinking they had the wrong flag in the backdrop. Theirs is literally called the stars and bars, so star-spangled fits just fine.
      Ending with the “USA! USA!… ” chant was chef kiss awful.
      Did you check out the video description? Contained this butt nugget:
      “Composer: Donald J. Trump”


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