Higher Ed To Go Low In Floriduh

Floriduh’s various mullahs, clerics, and militia tribesmen are proposing a few changes to education in their banana republic:

Florida legislators have proposed a spate of new laws that would reshape K-12 and higher education in the state, from requiring teachers to use pronouns matching children’s sex as assigned at birth to establishing a universal school choice voucher program.

The half-dozen bills, filed by a cast of GOP state representatives and senators, come shortly before the launch of Florida’s legislative session Tuesday. Other proposals in the mix include eliminating college majors in gender studies, nixing diversity efforts at universities and job protections for tenured faculty, strengthening parents’ ability to veto K-12 class materials and extending a ban on teaching about gender and sexuality — from third grade up to eighth grade.

The legislation has already drawn protest from Democratic politicians, education associations, free speech groups and LGBTQ advocates, who say the bills will restrict educators’ ability to instruct children honestly, harm transgender and nonbinary students and strip funding from public schools.

The world is a mysterious place, and if Floriduh has its way, it will remain so. It is the Don’t Say Gay law gone to college. You can hear echoes of Galileo’s heliocentrism being declared heretical because it contradicted Holy Scripture.

The proposed laws have a high likelihood of passing in the State House, where GOP legislators make up a supermajority. Even before Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) landslide victory in November, very few Republicans pushed back against his policy proposals, instead crafting and passing bills that align with the governor’s mission to remake education in Florida from kindergarten through college.

Imagine being told that you CANNOT learn about some subject —by law, no less!— it is not just anti-democratic (little dee), that is fascism.

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6 Responses to Higher Ed To Go Low In Floriduh

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Seems to be trending in Floriduh and elsewhere. Just gonna drop this off. It would be illegal to do so in the not so great state of Floriduh…

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  2. Floriduh’s new state anthem:

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  3. roket says:

    Oh the unintended consequences. Let us count the ways.

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  4. Sam says:

    “Galileo’s heliocentrism being declared heretical because it contradicted Holy Scripture” – except that wasn’t the case. Bellarmine wrote that heliocentrism could be accepted if there were sufficient evidence for it. The Church’s problem was that Galileo was demanding the Church change its doctrines without providing sufficient evidence for it to do so.

    Most of the predominant scientists of the day accepted Brahe’s model. There were two problems they had with Galileo’s hypothesis:

    1) In a heliocentric system, parallax of the stars should exist. Nobody in Galileo’s day had observed this.
    2) There was no explanation for why the earth moved around the sun.

    Newton would resolve problem 2 by showing how a single theory of gravity could explain both terrestrial and celestial motion.

    Incidentally, the Copernican model was wrong – Kepler’s model got it right, but Galileo rejected it.

    The real story is more fascinating than the “Scripture says so” simplification.



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