The Nazis Next Door

Seriously, how could I pass this headline by?

The Dildo Nazi: Sex Toy-Selling White Supremacist Umasked

But the actual story is very chilling.

The leader of a neo-Nazi network whose members celebrate white supremacist violent extremism and uses Telegram as its primary form of communication has been unmasked as a California woman who once reviewed and sold dildos for a living.

Sounds like she still does sell dildos, when you think about it. But I digest:

Dallas Erin Humber, 33, a resident of Sacramento, is behind the hate, according to research by antifascist groups that HuffPost confirmed. The news organization explained Humber had become radicalized quickly but had become obsessed with white supremacy, intolerance, bigotry, and hate over a prolonged period since being a teen. She noticed the shooter’s obsession and literally gave her voice to his words.

“This is kind of a huge deal,” Humber says in a brief introduction to an audiobook her group made from the murderer’s online screed. “[I]n case you haven’t heard, on October 12, 2022, St. Juraj Krajčík, Tarrant’s sixth disciple and Terrorgram’s first saint, posted this manifesto online before opening fire on f****ts at an LGBT coffee shop in Bratislava, Slovakia.”…

…“We mourn St. Krajčík’s death,” she continued, “but his legacy is immortalized through words and action … His manifesto is absolute fucking fire and I think you’ll really enjoy it. If you’ve been around here a while, it should resonate intensely with your very soul. So without further ado, let’s get this party started, Terror Bros,” HuffPost reports.

This is not just voice-over work, and celebrating actual Nazis committing actual terrorism is not just a side hustle to dildo sales. Her Nazi promotion seems to be her passion project.

I’m always fascinated when the neighbors professes shock that a Nazi could be next door. “She seemed so nice,” or, “the lawn was always mowed.”

One of the things I noticed growing up is that even the nicest people could hold the meanest thoughts. Casual racism is still racism, casual antisemitism is still antisemitism, and there really is no such thing as only being a Nazi only slightly. It’s an all-in kinda thing.

Bigotry isn’t only in the suburbs and rural places, it can be anywhere, even in the nicest cul-de-sacs and high-rises in big cities in blue states. Don’t think it cannot be where you live, because it can be there; it probably is.

If there is a moral to this story (besides always punching the Nazi) it is to realize that Domestic Tuckerism can be anywhere, even in the sleepy and dusty capitol of California.

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5 Responses to The Nazis Next Door

  1. gruaud says:

    This will be pitched as a movie franchise any day now:
    Dildo Nazi and Dildo Nazi 2: The Inverted Yield

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    I once heard a recording of the Nazi propagandist known as Axis Sally. She had a very cultivated voice and sounded a little like Eleanor Roosevelt — as long as you didn’t pay attention to the words. Can’t tell a bigot by its cover.

    The dildos are a nice touch.

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  3. Kiwiwriter says:

    Well, it’s the only way Nazis are going to get sex.

    Unless they have Miss Polly Urethane in their basements, but even she would run away.

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