Texas, A Land of Romance

Eligible for Tax Break In Texas

Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy wants you if you are fertile and married. HB No. 2889 would slash property taxes to ZERO for opposite-sex married couples with 10 children. Straight married couples with fewer than 10 children would also receive a break on property taxes on a sliding scale (40% starting at 4 little tax deductions, and 10% per child thereafter), so you better get busy, and hubba-hubba!

A newly introduced Texas House bill proposes property tax cuts for couples who get married, stay married, and have lots of children.

There’s a catch though. In order to qualify for the tax benefit, couples need to be heterosexual, never divorced, and their children born or adopted after their date of marriage. LGBTQ couples, single parents, divorced parents, and blended families will not qualify for full benefits.

LGBTQ people and divorced heathens need not apply, and if one of your 10 kids happened outside of wedlock, well the little bastard does not count. Brady Bunch? Nope. They gotta be your own (or adopted and you better have papers, cheaters).

“Honey, you wanna earn 10% the hard way?” – Texas is a land of romance.

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8 Responses to Texas, A Land of Romance

  1. Only fitting that they exempt the breeders from property taxes, since that is the primary way that schools are funded.

    I am happy to pay my taxes to support my local schools, even though I don’t have any kids in them, because I’m not a selfish asshole.

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    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      It’s all part of the master plan which includes doing away with public schools. (Are there no work houses?)


  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    No medal? If you bred enough sons for the Fatherland, Hitler gave you a medal.

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  3. beckymaenot says:

    Discrimination much?

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    Does Texas plan on a building boom to house all these future children? Do they even have available water for all these new families? Are there child nutrition programs in place to feed all these little Texans? I know how expensive 2 kids are, but I cannot imagine feeding and clothing ten kids. And what about building modern schools? Encouraging procreation seems to be the easy part, but then the realities start. The Rethugs have a terrible record of not seeing the bigger picture of what they propose.

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    • “reality” never enters into their miniscule shriveled brains.

      I know how expensive 2 kids are, but I cannot imagine feeding and clothing ten kids.

      To paraphrase a Great Tom Lehrer song:

      🎵“Vunce the rockets go up babies are born,
      who cares vere they come down how they survive
      That’s not my department says Werner von Braun Bryan Slayton”

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  5. Statistics isn’t my strong suit but a family of 12 is probably already getting support from food banks, their TV Show, churches, government or inherited wealth. Also too, probably a gay, an authoritarian abuser and several compliant future MAGAs in the bunch. A fascist trifecta.

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