Republican Play Doctor / God In Mississippi

Republicans: “At your cervix, Madame!”

And speaking of not ending well, we turn our attention to Mississippi (Motto: Where the debris meets the sea) to see what the small-gubmint fetishists and fetus fondling gawd botherers are up to, and of course it is their new hobby of trying to hurt children:

Mississippi on Tuesday became the seventh state to enact a restriction on certain transition-related health care for minors.

Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, said he signed the bill, which bars puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgery for minors, because “there is a dangerous movement spreading across America today.”

Again, Replulicans want to get between a patient and their doctor.

As we’ve noted before, some children (especially girls) are entering puberty as early as eight years old and no one is ready for that. Barring puberty blockers and hormone therapies is not going to end well. There’s going to be a lot of kids who are going to suffer.

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2 Responses to Republican Play Doctor / God In Mississippi

  1. He’s right, there IS a dangerous movement spreading across America today…it’s people like Tater Reeves

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  2. makarman says:

    The American government, under the guise of the Drug Enforcement Administration, is already regulating medical decisions between doctors and their patients who suffer from chronic and intractable pain. This is not something to look out for, it has been occurring every single day for over seven years.


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