Report: Mr. Paperclip Welcomes Chatbot To Your PC

Microsoft’s first attempt at artificial intelligence

The WaPo morning email thingie gives us a heads-up that Microsoft —the same people who thought a Paper Clip who popped up randomly was gonna be the future of computing— is going to be including their chatbot right into your PC:

You could soon be able to talk to Microsoft’s chatbot straight from your PC.

  • What’s happening? TheAI-powered Bing chatbot, which has amazed (and unsettled) people with its answers to complex questions, is being added to the search bar in Windows 11.
  • When will I get it? The software update started rolling out yesterday. But you won’t be able to chat with Bing unless you’ve made it off a long wait list.

What could go wrong?

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12 Responses to Report: Mr. Paperclip Welcomes Chatbot To Your PC

  1. “Find me the latest Margie 3Toes meme, Hal Bing”

    “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave”

    (enormously funny to me, because somehow my work email address has been associated with “Dave” on some sort of spammer list floating around out there…weirdly none of them seem to get the joke when I write back “Dave’s not here, man!” )

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  2. ali redford says:

    Everyone can go ahead of me in line on the wait list. I dislike talking to machines anyway, unless I’m cussin’ at ’em. Something tells me chatbots won’t take that… 🤭


  3. Most common first question: “How do I turn off the chatbot?”


  4. For those two-fingered dummies who never learned to type. Or how to use all their fingers on a keyboard, which isn’t hard. I taught myself how to type when I was SEVEN years old.


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