Report: Ron DeSantis Is Worse Than You Think

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Ron DeSantis

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There are so many reasons to fear a Meatball* presidency, despite what some people might be arguing in Next Door for the upper east side.

And before you take “fellow liberals” at face value, I went to this Linker’s sub-stack and learned to my great amusement he had people blurb his glorified blog:

“Damon Linker is one of the most arresting and honest writers of his generation on the subjects of faith and politics.”
—Andrew Sullivan

And if that is not hilarious enough, there’s this:

“I always read Damon Linker.”
—David Brooks

You know, just so you know about his fellow liberals.

Anyway, here’s the argument he makes:

During his time as Florida’s chief executive, he has governed from the hard right, taking aggressive aim at voting rights, pursuing politicized prosecutionsrestricting what can be taught in public schools and universities, strong-arming private businesses, using refugees as human props to score political points and engaging in flagrant demagogy about vaccines. Before that, as a congressman, he supported cuts to Social Security and Medicare and voted for a bill that would have severely weakened Obamacare.

And that’s the guy who Linker says is being exaggerated. It’s a mind-boggling proposition. “Sure, he pulls the wings off of butterflies, but at least he’s not an uncouth orange hottentot.” Or something.

But none of it makes Mr. DeSantis worse than Mr. Trump, who also did and sought to do bad things in office: the Muslim travel ban, forcibly separating migrants from their children, and much else.

Could the Trump era have been worse? Absolutely, and here liberals have a point when they suggest Mr. Trump’s ability to wreak havoc was limited by his ineptness. Based on what we’ve seen of Mr. DeSantis’s performance as governor of Florida, a DeSantis administration would likely display much greater discipline and competence than what the country endured under Mr. Trump.

Not an argument in Meatball’s favor. Try again.

So let’s stipulate that Mr. Trump and Mr. DeSantis would both try to do bad things in office. Mr. Trump still brings something distinctive and much more dangerous to the contest — or rather, several things. He’s flagrantly corrupt. He lies constantly. He’s impulsive and capricious. And he displays a lust for power combined with complete indifference to democratic laws and norms that constrain presidential power.

[OK, I’m ditching this hot nonsense and go to the late-breaking revelation  (and a YUGE hat tip to Scissorhead Purplehead) as I was working on this post…]

It’s really odd that this story didn’t make it into Meatball’s book-like thingie (which by the way debuted at #1):

From a November discussion on the Eyes Left podcast, between Mike Prysner, an Iraq War veteran, and Mansoor Adayfi, a former detainee at Guantánamo Bay.

mansoor adayfi: As you know, Guantánamo was created out of the legal zone, out of the legal system. Torture was the mechanism of Guantánamo. Torture, abuse, and experimenting on prisoners. We went on a massive hunger strike in 2005. And there was force-feeding. It was torture.

I saw a fucking handsome person come in and he said, “I’m here to ensure that you are treated humanely.”

mike prysner: It was Ron DeSantis?

adayfi: Yes. And, “If you have any problems, if you have any concerns, just talk to me.” We were drowning in that place. So I was like, “Oh, this is cool. This person will raise the concerns.” But it was a piece of the game. What they were doing was looking for what hurts us more so they could use it against us. In 2006, when DeSantis was there, it was one of the worst times at Guantánamo.

And with that teaser, I’ll let you go to Harper’s and read the rest. Spoiler alert: he really is a fucking psychopath if any of this interview is even slightly accurate. He was supposed to be there as a JAG to ensure war crimes were not committed, and instead he participated. It’s intolerable.

ADAYFI: I’m telling Americans: this guy is a torturer. He is a criminal. He was laughing. And he was there to ensure we were treated humanely.

He should be locked up, not running for President.

  • The nickname Hair Füror gave him, not mine.
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11 Responses to Report: Ron DeSantis Is Worse Than You Think

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Jebus, putting laxatives in the ensure to make the prisoners shit themselves goes well beyond sadism. It’s a total disregard for the prisoners humanity. And this man is running for President??? Yet there are people out there who will gladly vote for him. I used to think how we handled the captured Vietnamese was brutal (and it was) but this is far worse…

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  2. ali redford says:

    OK, so first: when I say some people need to go to Guantanamo, and I say that often, that’s Guantanamo without the torture and crimes against humanity; rather simply Guantanamo because they can’t hurt the country from there while they await trial.

    Next: we can see/have seen that DeSantis is a nightmare walking, coming for everyone who doesn’t please him. I keep thinking, “You’re a bad man! You’re a very bad man!”, but DeSantis is actually the person who will put someone in the cornfield.

    Off to Guantanamo with all of them. Guantanamo with no torture and crimes against humanity. It can be done, and must be.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    He should be locked up, not running for President.

    And now we know why they like him so much.


  4. That was disturbing. It is my profession to know how someone with antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy/psychopathy) will act, and if this history is accurate, we are in trouble. Partly because he is where he is, but mostly because so many people are perfectly comfortable with where he is and will work to get him more power. Worse still, the knowledge of his history will not dampen their support one iota.

    I have noted the prevalence and perniciousness of Right Wing Authoritarianism (pathology) in this venue before, but the manner in which it is normalized (by the FUCKING NEW YORK TIMES no less), leaves me without words.

    So many thoughts, so little ability to properly voice them.

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  5. gruaud says:

    Damon Linker is a faux liberal. Tells us he’s liberal, but his writing is consistently disparaging of liberal strawmen. Sure, he thinks Trump is terrible, but he his rhetoric leans firmly right-of-center.

    Liz Cheney thinks Trump is terrible, as well, but the enemy of my enemy isn’t always my friend.

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  6. Pretzelogic in Philly, PA says:

    So, wRong DeFascist really was a JAG Off.


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