Phone’s For You, Scott Perry, Cont.

The Stupid Coup

When last Rep. Scott Perry graced these pages, we speculated that the story of hm trying to keep his phone out of the DOJ would be fun to watch, well, we were not wrong:

A judge ordered Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) to turn over more than 2,000 phone records after ruling that they are not shielded under the Constitution, according to newly unsealed court documents…

…Howell wrote in her December ruling that over 90% of the 2,219 documents contained on his phone are not protected by the Constitution’s “speech or debate” clause, which grants sitting members of Congress immunity from criminal investigation.

“What is plain is that the Clause does not shield Rep. Perry’s random musings with private individuals touting an expertise in cybersecurity or political discussions with attorneys from a presidential campaign, or with state legislators concerning hearings before them about possible local election fraud or actions they could take to challenge election results in Pennsylvania,” Howell wrote.

As we all know, in addition to being very supportive of the scheme to throw the election into the House, Perry was also an enthusiastic backer to move Jeffery Clark as the acting Attorney General, and Perry asked Hair Füror for a pardon [ALLEGEDLY] from the allegorical bunker in the waning days of the 4th Reich.

I’m sure there will be more on this story to come as he texts become evidence.

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