Tennessee Will Not Be Made A Fool Of, Again! (Spoiler: Yes They Will)

Rudy Giuliani, banned in Tennessee

Imagine the Scopes Monkey Trial, but wearing a wig:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Legislation designed to restrict where certain drag shows can take place passed the Tennessee Senate on Thursday, the latest bill state Republican leaders have advanced targeting LGBTQ people.

Senate lawmakers voted 26-6 in favor of the bill, with only Democrats opposing. The bill is slightly different than a version moving through the House chamber.

Under the Senate’s bill, the words “drag show” are not explicitly stated. Instead, the legislation would expand the definition of adult cabaret in Tennessee’s law to include that such “adult-oriented performances that are harmful to minors,” as defined in Tennessee’s obscenity law.

The legislation then bans adult cabaret from taking place on public property or in a location where minors might be present.

I can see all kinds of First Amendment problems here, and I’m not trained legal beagle.

All the problems in the world, and in Tennessee in particular, and they are going after Drag Queen Story Hour. This will also likely squash Pride Parades in Tennessee. Always look for the Trojan Elephant.

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2 Responses to Tennessee Will Not Be Made A Fool Of, Again! (Spoiler: Yes They Will)

  1. Richard says:

    This is so stupid.

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  2. Green Eagle says:

    I believe this law could be applied to college football, which is certainly harmful to minors.

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