Location, Location, Location

Where there’s smoke, there’s Space Karen

We don’t know what’s up (ever, I’m told), but Space Karen is returning Tesla to California after a year and some change of being in Texas:

Elon Musk announced during a joint press conference with California Gov. Gavin Newsom that Tesla would be returning its global engineering headquarters to California, two years after a dramatic exit that saw the electric car company leave the Golden State for a facility in Austin, Texas.

Tesla will open up shop in the former home of Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, Musk said. The facility will serve as the company’s engineering headquarters while the corporate headquarters remains in Austin.

The move returns Tesla to the world’s center of technology and innovation, and puts Musk in closer to proximity to the headquarters of Twitter, which the billionaire tech entrepreneur purchased last year in a massive social media shakeup.

He’s a whimsical decision maker, so I think it really must have to do with location, location, location. Or maybe because Texas cannot keep the power on, which I suppose is a liability for an electric car company?

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4 Responses to Location, Location, Location

  1. Or maybe, just maybe, competent tech engineers don’t want to live in TexAss: Austin is just as expensive as Silliycon Valley any more, and you have to put up with exponentially worse traffic and asshole Texans?


  2. sos says:

    I suspect that Leon Skum believes ping-ponging HQ back and forth across state lines increases efficiency!


  3. gruaud says:

    He wants the Tesla Engineering HQ near his Twitter HQ, because he’s an uber-twit.


  4. Oneofthebobs says:

    Bummer. I thought he left for good. Hurry up and go to Mars, asshole.


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