Here’s Some Stupid To Start Your Day

NPR (Nice Polite Republicans) is laying off 10% of their workforce due to a drop in ad revenue.

NPR’s chief executive announced the network would lay off roughly 10% of its current workforce – at least 100 people – and eliminate most vacant positions. CEO John Lansing cited the erosion of advertising dollars, particularly for NPR podcasts, and the tough financial outlook for the media industry more generally…

…On an annual budget of roughly $300 million, Lansing says, revenues are likely to fall short by close to $30 million, although that gap could reach $32 million.

Yup, and they cannot make up for it with tote bag sales.

I’m old enough to remember when Public meant that it was not dependent upon advertising Ameros and those gawd-awful extended sponsorship spots (NOT ADs!!1!) , and I’m also old enough to remember when NPR did not chase after Republicans hoping to win some funding back. The Debbil always collects his dues.

But this is the magic of the Invisible Hand and Republicans pushing everything overboard to make a buck or punish the liberal bias of reporting reality.

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2 Responses to Here’s Some Stupid To Start Your Day

  1. gruaud says:

    The GOP base is well beyond the frame of the Overton Window, and is steadily shrinking. The Social Democrats are more broad-minded, far more numerous and the base is steadily increasing in size.

    Which demographic makes more sense to chase? This isn’t exactly quantum physics, NPR.

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  2. Tones says:

    Seriously, can we finally acknowledge that the public does want pbs and npr and that funding should at long last be returned to levels from when the R’s cut it all to “save money”?
    We were told we needed to find out if the public really cared, and that they would pay out of pocket if they did – well , for the last 30 years or so we HAVE.

    The Squad should fight to make R’s return those funds, to 1970’s levels or some such.


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