Mr. Biden Goes To WEZ

Joe Biden’s 2024 Goat Rodeo

There is only one news story today: President Handsome Joe Biden visited Ukraine.

The NYTimes reports on how Handsome Joe got there:

Mr. Biden departed the United States on Air Force One for Poland at 4:15 a.m. Eastern on Sunday. Only a few reporters, sworn to secrecy and deprived of their phones, came with him, along with Jake Sullivan, the president’s national security adviser; Jen O’Malley Dillon, his deputy chief of staff; and Annie Tomasini, the director of Oval Office operations.

Reporters traveling with him were allowed to send a pool report to other journalists only after his arrival. An American official who asked not to be identified said that after the flight to Poland, Mr. Biden crossed into Ukraine by train, traveling for nearly 10 hours to Kyiv. He was to leave on a similar train trip and then, after crossing back into Poland, head to Warsaw.

Footage of Mr. Biden with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and their public remarks was not made public until hours afterward.

So we know that Witchfinder Alito was not with him.

The WaPo reports:

KYIV, Ukraine — President Biden made a dramatic, unannounced visit to Kyiv on Monday, in a display of robust American support for Ukraine just four days before the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The high-risk visit to the historic Ukrainian capital — where air raid sirens blared as Biden walked the streets with President Volodymyr Zelensky — signals continued commitment from the United States, the largest financial and military backer of Ukraine’s effort to repel Russian invaders from its territory.

Biden was spotted with the Ukrainian leader outside St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery shortly before noon local time, his appearance capping hours of speculation during an intense security lockdown that had blocked car traffic and even pedestrians from certain streets.

Following talks with Zelensky and a visit to the U.S. Embassy, Biden departed Kyiv several hours later, according to a reporter traveling with him. Though brief, Biden’s visit represented one of the most remarkable presidential trips in modern history, sending him into a country at war and a city under regular bombardment without the heavy U.S. military presence that provided a protective shield during visits to Iraq or Afghanistan.

The National Review(!):

Biden’s Trip to Kyiv Took Guts

…The moment reminds me not so much of Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump flying unannounced to Iraq or Afghanistan, but of President Roosevelt’s wartime travels across the Atlantic. Make no mistake, there was risk involved in this trip. Traveling to the capital of a nation fighting a shooting war with a great power, the U.S. had no way to choreograph with exactitude the circumstances of his travel or arrival. Neither the U.S. nor Ukraine has total control of the airspace. Neither the U.S. nor Ukraine could guarantee Biden’s security on the ground.
The president of the United States was inside the Russian WEZ — the weapons engagement zone — the entire trip. For that Joe Biden should receive credit.

And this  story ought to help stamp out some of those, but he’s too ooooooooold to be re-elected president.

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12 Responses to Mr. Biden Goes To WEZ

  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    Happy President’s Day Joe!

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  2. And this story ought to help stamp out some of those, but he’s too ooooooooold to be re-elected president.

    It OUGHT to, but it won’t.

    Waiting for Boom Boom or Margie 3 Toes to tweet that “Senile Joe got lost on the way to Poland, wandered into Ukraine by mistake” or some such bullshit…

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    You gotta admit that President Joe bravery is unparalleled for a modern president. It takes guts to land in a war zone prone to random missile attacks without notice. And to think that members of the GQP caucus want to impeach him because of his visit…

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  4. gruaud says:

    Biden continues to surprise in very positive ways. Good on ya, Joe.

    Also: nice tie!

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  5. This wasn’t a “Goat-Rodeo ’24” ploy, seems more like it was an earnest trip on President’s day for a powerful display of unity between the 2 leaders/presidents.
    Leave the knee-capping to the mentally frail (and desperate) cowards.

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  6. ali redford says:

    I also have to wonder if Speaker Mc. exceeded my expectations and actually kept his mouth shut about this (shouldn’t he have to know, being Speaker?) or else they decided they couldn’t risk telling him; then I wonder how we’d run the country if something did happen.

    I seem to be a cloud today, I guess.🤷‍♀️


    • MDavis says:

      “McCarthy, if you blab about this and something happens to Joe, you have to remember that Kamala will become president.”

      If it was up tome, they just wouldn’t tell him. I seem to recall that it was only Republicans who posted in real time on their video conference with Zelenskyy. Why ever trust them with Ukraine-related real-time-sensitive issues ever again? Poisoned apple, potentially poisoned tree.

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