Sen. Batboy Changes Mind

Senator Batboy Rick Scott

Sen. Batboy has a few regrets:

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) has amended his 12-point Rescue America plan to say that his proposal to sunset all federal legislation in five years does not apply to Social Security, Medicare or the U.S. Navy.

I must have missed the part about sunsetting the US Navy…?

After taking relentless fire from President Biden, Democrats and even fellow Republicans, Scott has amended Point Six of his plan, which includes the sunset proposal, to make “specific exceptions of Social Security, Medicare, national security, veterans benefits, and other essential services.”

Someone should absolutely check to see if Batboy has his wings crossed behind his back. There are lots of ways to screw over Social Security and Medicare without sunsetting them, let us not forget: changing eligibility to the age of Death, or adding on work requirements to your retirement plan, for instance.

But then he protrudes his lower lip and crosses his arms and states, petulantly:

“Note to President Biden, Sen. Schumer and Sen. McConnell — As you know, this was never intended to apply to Social Security, Medicare, or the U.S. Navy,” Scott states in bolded language, addressing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Batboy is still a petty little bitch.

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9 Responses to Sen. Batboy Changes Mind

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    There’s a key thing here that a lot of people are missing: his proposal would sunset all Federal legislation every five years, not just every Federal program. This would essentially mean every single law passed by the government, going all the way back to the time of the founders, would have to be re-implemented every five years. It would grind the government to a complete halt, which we all know to be the goal of the GQP. History tells us that’s usually when an Emperor steps in, dissolves the Senate, and starts building a Death Star…


  2. Jimmy T says:

    “Regrets I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention…”


  3. “Note to President Biden, Sen. Schumer and Sen. McConnell — As you know, this was never intended to apply to Social Security, Medicare, or the U.S. Navy,”

    “The Army, Air Force, Marines and Space Force… well fuck those guys!” He added.

    Does he actually believe that anyone will believe this bullshit? HE’S ON RECORD as saying it WAS intended to apply to everything, and explicitly mentioned Social Security.

    ” The giant stinking crap I took on the Senate Floor isn’t really there” as everyone around is retching from the giant pile of stinking crap.

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I haven’t read the 12 point Rescue America plan, but I’d be willing to bet all my quatloos that the other eleven points are nearly as bad as point six and the only reason we’re not talking about them is that point 6 won’t share the limelight.


    • tengrain says:

      Scott’s plan also has a stunning item to raise taxes on everyone who gets any assistance so that they “have skin in the game.”




      • MDavis says:

        Which could mean they can’t afford the assistance that they need, since they need the assistance, so there will be a pile of money for assistance, just sitting there and not doing anything. Surely it would be better off in Scott’s pocket, amiright?


  5. Batman 54 says:

    FDR knew how to handle R’s like Scott:

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