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Handmaiden Haley cannot come up with one place where she has a difference from Hair Füror. It’s like she never thought of how people might compare/contrast, or that she does know but cannot say it because MAGA would hang, draw, and quarter her.

Our pals over at Electoral-Vote:

If you want to know more about Haley, Politico has an article listing 55 facts about her, for example:

  • She and Susana Martinez were the first women of color to be elected governor in the country’s history
  • In kindergarten, she was given the role of Pocahontas in a play and the boys did an “Indian” dance around her
  • In school there was once a white kids vs. Black kids kickball game and she had to pick a side
  • She could read and write at 4
  • Her parents opposed her marriage because her fiance was not an Indian Sikh
  • When she ran for the SC House, her opponent called her a Buddhist and said “Nimrata Randhawa” isn’t a real Republican
  • When she ran for governor, state Sen. Jake Knotts called her a “f**king raghead”
  • In 2016,she endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and attacked Donald Trump for refusing to disavow the KKK
  • When Rubio dropped out, she endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
  • After George Floyd was killed, she was upset; Tucker Carlson said: “What Nikki Haley does best is moral blackmail”
  • At a rally for Herschel Walker in 2022, she suggested that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) should be deported

We hope Politico also compiles a list of 50+ facts about all the other candidates.

She’s very bad at her job.

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2 Responses to Word Salad Tossed Fresh Daily

  1. She was never the ‘principled conservative’ she claimed to be: https://www.wonkette.com/yeah-so-nikki-haley-has-pretty-much-always-sucked

    She, just like all the republicans before her, just followed Lee Atwater’s advice about how to sound not so much like a Klan member, no matter what is in the hidden chamber of your closet…


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  2. ali redford says:

    She is not a good candidate for we the people. Definitely a Republican.
    That doesn’t excuse the pile-on sexism I see aimed in her direction on tv.


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