Mike Pence Is At Your Cervix, Ladies!

Mike and Mother Pence Cosplay the Cowboy and the Lady Bug — HAWT!

Mike Pence, a man with so much RAW animal attraction and so much unbridled lust that his wife will not allow him to be alone with any women, says we need to ban abortion pills nationwide:

Man: Are you thinking about what to do about abortion pills? Would you like to ban those?

Pence: To me, it’s…I’m pro-life, and I think that’s a real issue and it’s really dangerous. Really dangerous.

Man: I think you can ban them though, don’t you think?

Pence: Uh you can, and we need to. We need to. My daughter’s written a lot about it, she writes for The Daily Wire.

Man: Oh she does?

Pence: Look up Charlotte Pence Bond, she’s done a lot of really important writing on that topic.

[Thanks Mike, I looked up Charlotte Pence Bond’s work. Those videos are sumpin’ else. Charlotte  didn’t fall far from the family tree, which will undoubtedly be used as a crucifix someday.]

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4 Responses to Mike Pence Is At Your Cervix, Ladies!

  1. Hah, so much for the entire premise of Dobbs, which was that the states in their infinite very very much finite wisdom were best suited to make their own determination on the issue.

    Guess, they weren’t counting on all those terrible people actually voting the states for something that is quite popular with the actual humans making up the United Staes electorate.

    They hate it when the stinky pipples get all uppity and talk back to their betters.


  2. *FelineMama* says:

    Wow, sexy cowboy ! Lookem’ those chaps ! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
    Oh, Mother, look how he dressed you !!!!!!!


  3. schmice3 says:

    Red bandana and leather chaps? Hmmm. A man’s man.


  4. glitterbug says:

    They can’t stop all the other illegal drugs, what makes them think they can stop this.

    It will just drive them underground and raise the price.

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