It Keeps Happening

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And by it we mean mass slaughter by gun. I’m sick of talking about it, and writing about it, and of course that nothing is ever done about it.

In case you don’t know, a 43-year-old gunman killed three people Monday night on the East Lansing campus. He fatally shot himself after the attack, police said. The gun man had a history with guns and a history of mental illness.

Here’s the story, really, in two Tweets:

and then this:

Aaron Rupar says,

I think this shows the sense in which Republican obstinacy is working. If you stonewall questions about any topic for long enough, people get tired of asking. And despite mass shooting after mass shooting, Republicans haven’t given an inch for years. That one of our two major parties refuses to even talk about making a serious effort to reduce gun violence is just baked into our politics now…

…If we really want to do something about gun violence, we have to get serious about holding our elected officials accountable. That’s on voters, but it’s also on the press. Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to skate by with irrational talking points about more firearms, not more restrictions on them, being the solution to gun violence. Even if it’s “old news,” and even if it means Republicans will be less likely to go on CNN next time, they need to be grilled about how they can survey the carnage of gun violence in the US and insist public policy is powerless to do anything about it, even when it’s proven to be effective in other countries.

And he’s right. There’s so much we could do if we had the political will to do it. It begins with getting rid of the filibuster in the useless aged and embarrassing Senate, but I am only guessing.

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  1. This what I said on facebook in response to a friend commenting on ‘political will’:

    if the repeated slaughter of classrooms full of elementary school kids cannot move our society off of the grip of the death cult, I am not entirely sure what can.

    It’s not just the politicians; a significant minority of citizens feel that continuous episodes of human sacrifice is good in their eyes, and they are abetted by the powerful reactionaries of the Supreme Court.

    (note: Under the doctrine established by NYC v Bruen, even the 1934 NFA is unconstitutional, because in 1783 there were no laws against owning a machine gun.

    Machine guns and bazookas for EVERYONE)

    This is madness.

    I will add that as much as I loathe Curtsey Sinema with every fiber of my being…she’s a bit right about the filibuster. It is the only tool the minority has to avoid being rendered irrelevant. when it holds no other levers of power.

    Eliminating the Filibuster is ONLY GOOD if we still hold the majority; a renewed MAGA Senate, House and White House trifecta could burn this country down in a matter of a year or two.

    Reminder: they WANT to eliminate ‘Democracy’ in this country for Orban-style Authoritarianism.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Just gonna drop this off. It totally speaks for itself…

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  3. Another Kiwi says:

    Remember the electon campaign ad that was a guy driving into the desert to fire his Glock with a silencer on it? There wasn’t any mention of the election aside from “This is my turdwaffle and I endorse it”. It was all about The Gun. There is enough of these troglodytes in your society that they will keep voting for the old white guys in suits who love The Gun too. There’s a lotta folks getting very rich off The Gun and it won’t stop until they are stopped.

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  4. laura says:

    The 2nd Amendment guarantees your Constitutional Right to be shot at any time any where.

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  5. roket says:

    Hm. I wonder where the billion dollars spent on beefing up school security came from? And will they consider it money well spent after the next school shooting?

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  6. MDavis says:

    … and insist public policy is powerless to do anything about it, even when it’s proven to be effective in other countries.

    It’s been proven effective in thiscountry, IIRC. The policy restricting certain firearms was allowed to expire. So sad sick that it couldn’t even be passed on a permanent basis.

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