Here’s Some Stupid to Start Your Day

Where there’s smoke, there’s Space Karen

Space Karen had the engineers at Twitter working overtime (over the weekend) because President Handsome Joe Biden’s tweets got more traction than his.

At 2:36 on Monday morning, James Musk sent an urgent message to Twitter engineers.

“We are debugging an issue with engagement across the platform,” wrote Musk, a cousin of the Twitter CEO, tagging “@here” in Slack to ensure that anyone online would see it. “Any people who can make dashboards and write software please can you help solve this problem. This is high urgency. If you are willing to help out please thumbs up this post.”

When bleary-eyed engineers began to log on to their laptops, the nature of the emergency became clear: Elon Musk’s tweet about the Super Bowl got less engagement than President Joe Biden’s.

Biden’s tweet, in which he said he would be supporting his wife in rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, generated nearly 29 million impressions. Musk, who also tweeted his support for the Eagles, generated a little more than 9.1 million impressions before deleting the tweet in apparent frustration.

In the wake of those losses — the Eagles to the Kansas City Chiefs, and Musk to the president of the United States — Twitter’s CEO flew his private jet back to the Bay Area on Sunday night to demand answers from his team.

Anyway, it’s all fixed and now everyone sees Space Karen’s Tweets by default unless you have blocked him or ¡GASP! don’t follow him.

Imagine spending $44B Ameros to boost your own tweets. Read the story, it is mind boggling how fragile these Master of the Universe types are.

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4 Responses to Here’s Some Stupid to Start Your Day

  1. I saw reports yesterday that people had suddenly started following him. (unwillingly, of course)

    What an incredibly fragile manbaby narcissist.

    “Yeah Phony Stark, people like President Biden more than they like you, because he’s not a gigantic whiny-ass cockknob like you.”

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  2. It’s rib-tickling hilarious to hear how desperate, frail, and needy his pathetic ass is.
    He could have just shut his mouth and had everyone thinking he was some sorta genius but NOOOOOO-O, he has to continually blubber & spout from the tweet-tops, exposing what a sniveling, weak moron he truly is.
    He has become a laughing-stock. 😁

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  3. roket says:

    Deleting a tweet with 9.1M impressions did not burn any liberals. However we did make a note of it.

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  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    “Space Karen”

    No one can say the collapse of America doesn’t have it’s lighter moments. The sonofabitch.

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