Select Committee Hearing Brought To You By Fox News

If you say so…

Politico has an interesting article up on today’s hearing about the Weaponization of The Federal Government Select Committee:

House Republicans’ heavily promoted bid to examine what they claim is excessive politicization within the federal government begins Thursday with a lineup straight out of Fox News.

Two GOP witnesses who will set the tone for its work — former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who recently left the Democratic Party, and former FBI agent Nicole Parker— are currently employed Fox News contributors with gripes against their onetime employers to match.

Gonna guess that Fox News will carry this live.

It’s a stark indication of who the GOP lawmakers who make up the Judiciary Committee’s new subpanel on so-called “weaponization” view as their target audience. And it presages intense skirmishes to come with the panel’s Democrats.

It’s not just the Fox News contributors who will set the panel up to deliver a grievance-fueled message to the party base. The GOP witnesses include two GOP senators — Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin — as well as constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley, a favored witness for Republicans in recent years. Another former FBI official, Thomas Baker, is also slated to testify.

Just like yesterday’s hysterical Twitter investigation, today’s hearing is pointing to the same bizarre conspiracy theory that the Government has been used by Democrats to suppress/oppress Republicans, and instead proved our thesis that every accusation from Republicans is actually a confession.

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  1. Honestly they should just call it the Select House Committee on Festivus, because it’s going to be all airing of grievances…


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