SOTU Address Tonight

Pelosi hears, “You Lie!”

Guys, I’m probably not going to watch and certainly not with any gusto and relish.These things are generally a snooze and nothing ever comes out of them.The only things I remember from past ones are Nancy Pelosi’s snarky clap and another one where she ripped up the speech after Hair Füror snorted and sniffed his way through it.

Oh, and I do remember Chimpy McStagger announcing a Mission to Mars.

Mars. Needs. Chimpy.

Good times.

Anyway, I plan to read it afterwards. I am NOT trying to discourage you from watching, I’m just announcing I’m not going to watch it live and live blog it.

UPDATE 1: But this might play into the recap –

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8 Responses to SOTU Address Tonight

  1. Oh come now there was Boom Boom and Threetoes’ uncanny impression of howler monkeys at Biden’s SOTU lat year.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    So the GQP has been preparing for this moment…

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  3. RevZafod says:

    Call Enrique Tarrio proud, but don’t call him boy.

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  4. Richard says:

    I am about 2/3 rds of listening to the NPR coverage. I thought our POTUS did a pretty good job. Right now i am bracing myself for Huckleberry Sanders to explain the GOP response. Fixing a snack. Oh oh! Here she is, gotta go! See you tomorrow.


  5. gruaud says:

    Joe Cool gave an epic SOTU; such a contrast with the orange shit-for-brains.


  6. I’ll be wearing my Aviators extra hard tomorrow. 😎
    I’m not sure what that means except to say I was really proud of Biden all around tonight.
    It was a great speech/address and he killed it while slaying the heckling riff-raff, turning their flung venom into gold.
    I think the oft used/heard words tonight were “masterful” and “master class” -totally appropriate.
    4 more if he wants them.


  7. pagan in repose says:

    Speaking of sun glasses. I still have my old, old, old Raybans, I’m talking 40+ years old at this point. I retired them because they became too heavy, being that they are made of metal and glass. They must way 5-10 lbs by now. Anyway, I’ll pull them out and wear them today, in honor of Joe B. and the presidency of our nation.

    “4 more if he wants them.” Yes, Claude Robichaux, 4 more if Joe wants them. But, then, I have voted in every election, I was qualified to vote in, since I turned 18. And I have always voted Democratic.


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