The news is terrible: the big Big BIG 7.8 earthquake in Turkey has a death count that is climbing (currently 1,800 dead) and with major aftershock there are more deaths sure to come.

Growing up in earthquake country, I can assure you that there’s no running from them. They happen in the blink of an eye, and with very little exception there is no way to prepare for them.

Please do whatever you can with whichever relief organizations you support. The Turks have a long road to recovery.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    I lived in Japan for three years when my navy dad got assigned there. We experienced a number of earthquakes while there in the 6 plus range, but never anything close to what happened in Turkey. Wouldn’t be surprised if the death toll was in the many thousands. I heard that President Joe is offering to send some much needed help.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    Doctors Without Borders

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  3. jilldennison says:

    As I read this, the death toll is now at over 4,000 in Turkey & Syria. Heartbreaking.


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