SNL Cold Open

SNL writers managed to capture the Chinese Spy Balloon story at the last moment. This is as perfect a reaction to breaking news as they’ve ever done.


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  1. Jimmy T says:

    One of the first places I visit on a Sunday morning is the SNL Cold Opening segment. They’re not always great, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed this one…

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  2. Honestly, keeping your passwords in the Notes app is likely more secure than say, using a commercial servisce like LastPass…

    Besides most people seem to use the vaunted 3M password vault…

    (confession: I do have a password noted in my Notes app on my phone, mainly because I got a new laptop in December with a finger print scanner , set the password, set up the fingerprint ID then…didn’t use the notebook over the winter break and could not for the life of me remember the password (which you have to confirm when it starts up). I was EVENTUALLY able to get back in, but Apple doesn’t make it easy, so I have a last ditch source.)

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, TouchID is really useful; I didn’t think it could be.



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      • It is very nice until you forget the password though not entering it all the time…and it’s a work computer so complex password.

        Something I missed when I finally upgraded my iPhone 6s to a 12. Touch ID works with masks; Face ID does not (until very recently). I have gotten adept at entering my passcode with my thumb.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    And now we learn that Chinese balloons flew over US territory at least three times during the last administration and nary a one was shot down by The Toughest President on Chshyna EVER.

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