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*“Hey, Sport, ya wanna have 5 minutes in the penalty box?” (Getty)

Hope Hicks —the 4th Reich’s own girly Goebbels— has found gainful employment with [checks notes] the NY Knicks:

Madison Square Garden has tapped a high profile spin doctor to help chairman James Dolan deflect criticism of his use of facial recognition technology.

Dolan hired former Trump White House Communications Director Hope Hicks as a consultant at the World’s Most Famous arena, after it was revealed he used the controversial technology to boot fans critical of him, sources told Page Six Monday.

An MSG Entertainment spokesperson did not deny the report, saying, “We work with a variety of consultants.” The Post had reached out to Hicks for comment.

It seems that Dolan has been facing beaucoup of merde after ejecting assorted business rivals from Madison Square Garden. In particular, Dolan was (ALLEGEDLY) targeting lawyers from opposing litigation, so enter Hope Hicks to try to perfume this turd.

  • Hope Hicks is notable for —uh, how to phrase this delicately? —taking one (or two) for the team.
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2 Responses to Sporting News

  1. Welcome to your new life, Hope…making a living dealing with the crooks and assholes of the earth. It should feel entirely familiar.

    Yes ETTD, but she’s been willingly part of the gang for decades. It should not feel odd that you’re now the Saul Goodman of PR people.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I hope the hicks have figured out that Hope Hicks is only in it for the money, but they’ve never figured out that TFG was doing the exact same thing…

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