Lunchtime Poll

“I swear on any one of my mother’s many graves that I am telling the truth.”

Guys, the other day Karoli (my pal from Crooks and Liars) said something to me that made my ears twitch, related to our own cry of Follow The Ameros: Karoli wonders if the mysterious money Spurious George used to fund his campaign might have been misused or stolen PPP funds. After all, his company is small (or even nonexistent) and suddenly flush with cash during the tail end of the pandemic funding. It seems possible.

To make matters more interesting, Milli Brazilli was going to be on one of the committees that was allegedly going to be investigating missed or stolen PPP funds. I wonder if his suddenly leaving all of his committee assignments might be a trade with K-Mac for his continued vote?

Anyway, the poll question is this: where did the money come from? #2 pencils in the Blue Book only.

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8 Responses to Lunchtime Poll

  1. PPP Funds for his vital business Apple Computer.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    Russia, Russia, Russia (ahem, Vekselberg).

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.


  4. RevZafod says:

    That one lottery ticket he ever bought paid off big.


  5. vertalio says:

    Um, it’s like, really lucrative, to tell people you know how to buy yachts?

    It has nothing, nothing to do with him working for Harbor City Capital, the Ponzi scheme, he hardly knew them.


  6. Richard says:

    Of course they love this clown. He is a bait, a smokescreen, a red herring, a GOP cloud of squid ink to distract us from seeing them. So far it is working.


  7. osirisopto says:

    He’s the greatest alchemist in the world – he turned lead into gold, obviously.


  8. gruaud says:

    Who controls the British crown?
    Who keeps the metric system down?
    We do, we do

    Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
    Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
    We do, we do

    Who holds back the electric car?
    Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
    We do, we do

    Who robs cavefish of their sight?
    Who rigs every Oscar night?
    We do, we do!


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