Area Man Still Has The Midas Touch

2024 Goat Rodeo

Not playing with a full deck

Lord Damp Nut still has the magic Trump touch, as the FEC filings show:

The Save America Joint Fundraising Committee, the primary fundraising vehicle for Trump’s 2024 campaign and his leadership PAC, raised just shy of $5 million between Nov. 29 and Dec. 31, according to filings reported to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday.

Now, considering that Hair Füror announced his run in November, and it is now February (Rabbit, Rabbit, BTW) this is the first quarterly filing of the 2024 Goat Rodeo and one could say it is rather meh. The Rubes were tapped out from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course paying for their Covid care (totally pwn’ed us libtards, I must say!)

But what is this I read?

But the fundraising apparatus spent heavily to do so, including nearly $2.5 million on texting, $1.7 million on online advertising and $950,000 on list rentals — totals that when combined exceed what the group took in over that period.

So, in millions…



Yup, he spent $5.15M Ameros to raise $5M Ameros. This totally scans for a Trump operation.

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3 Responses to Area Man Still Has The Midas Touch

  1. Aaaand who owns that texting company, those online advertising agencies and the lists they rented? Follow the Ameros!

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    • tengrain says:

      That’s a good point. If he charged the campaign for renting his own list, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.



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      • It’s how you legally (maybe) siphon money from the Campaign into your pocket, or the pockets of your money laundering partners cronies and guys you owe money to.

        All sorts of PACs do this all the time, there have been national ones that funneled 95% of what they take in into “administrative costs”

        (which is under more stringent rules once you file the candidacy paperwork.)

        Has he actually filed yet or did he just “announce” that he’s running? Like “declassifying things just by thinking it” is not a thing, officially campaigning for Prez by *announcing * it is not a thing.

        If you’re not an official candidate you can do all sorts of things with your campaign money.

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