Take CNN. Please.

Breaking CNN!

Guys, remember a couple of weeks ago when we learned that CNN was considering hiring a comic?

Well, Vanity Fair has the scoop:

CNN is adding comedian Bill Maher to its Friday night lineup. Starting this Friday at 11:30pm ET, the network will begin airing segments of Overtime, the after-show segment of Maher’s weekly HBO late-night show, Real Time with Bill Maher, during CNN Tonight. HBO and CNN share a parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery. The news, first reported by the Los Angeles Times, comes as Puck earlier this month reported on discussions around CNN using Maher’s post-show segments, which had previously only aired on YouTube.

Because nothing makes you trust your failing CABLE NEWS NETWORK like them having a staff comic.

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6 Responses to Take CNN. Please.

  1. Or, in the case of Maher, ‘a staff “comic”‘…

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  2. roket says:

    Does he get to bring his baggage with him?

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  3. skinnydennis says:

    Bill who?


  4. RevZafod says:

    I suggest listening to a few recent Countdown with Keith Olbermann episodes. He refers to the new CNN CEO Chris Licht as “someone we all thought ate paste”.


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  5. I’m actually going to defend CNN (or anyone else) for hiring a “comic”.
    These guys (that were said to be in the running) aren’t just comics, they’re better known for their political commentary, humor and wit (in that order) and THAT’S why they were in consideration.
    I’m just stating the obvious. I despise Maher but, for a business relying on entertainment for the draw, he was a good choice. pukes


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