One Lump of Stupid or Two, Spurious George?

Milli Brazilli

“Madge, what’s it like
having no committee assignments?”

This is good news because one of his committee assignments was to be on small businesses, which in effect would be him either investigating himself, or learning the ins and outs of grifting:

Embattled Republican Rep. George Santos of New York will not serve on the two House committees to which he was recently assigned until the investigations into his conduct end, his office said Tuesday.

“I have to finish my work at NASA,” He did not say. “Not everyone there is an astrophysicist.”

“The congressman is reserving his seats on his assigned committees until he has been properly cleared of both campaign and personal financial investigations,” according to his spokeswoman, Naysa Woomer.

…if that is his spokesman’s real name.

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5 Responses to One Lump of Stupid or Two, Spurious George?

  1. artahzen says:

    Well, I guess we won’t have to to worry about his screwing up the small business committee for a while, or maybe ever. Waiting to be cleared of all the malarkey he has admitted to, let alone been accused of, ought to take forever since he is guilty as sin and twice as ugly.

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    • Martin Pollard says:

      And at the speed Milquetoast Merrick’s DOJ moves, it likely won’t be until the year 2034 when we hear anything one way or the other.


  2. osirisopto says:

    Naysa Woomer?

    That’s a really weird drag name

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