Area Sundowner Found Again

Pay Your Bills!

I swear to Dawg, our Stable Jenius is still on this?

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8 Responses to Area Sundowner Found Again

  1. gruaud says:

    Wind power means one less shackle to Russian oil, so secret agent ноль-ноль-неудачник still reflexively attacks it for his overlord.

    (translation: double-oh-loser)

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Solar, wind and wave power (coming to Oregon real soon) may just be what the climate scientists ordered to cure our fixation on petroleum, not that the skeptics will ever approve, but then they only offer more of the same. We’ve already been down that road, and now we need solutions that don’t require anymore of the same…

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    • ali redford says:

      I read a comment on Mastodon last night that I agree with, so much. It was that people have to get past the driving everywhere, even with public transit that is fossil-fuel-powered, and reclaim walking and biking (with biking’s many options,) especially during the transition period from fossil to renewable/sustainable.

      IRL, that’s gonna be tough, considering the number of land developers who’ve managed to get spots on local planning/zoning boards and governing bodies, making sure people have to drive to get anywhere, even in a small town. And it means we the people showing up at even more events to push through what we want.


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      • tengrain says:

        Ali –

        I walk everywhere I can and take the light rail or bus when I cannot; I do live in/near downtown, so it is not much of a burden. (Having a car and no off-street parking with a 48-hour limit was a YUGE burden.)

        The other thing of course is that there are places to walk to, too, which is not always the case in the ‘burbs/exurbs. The most recent time I visited my sister, her city (which is the county seat of a Bay Area County) did not even have sidewalks. She cannot walk anywhere even when she wants to.

        There’s a lot of problems and it goes up and down the list.



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  3. I’ve read he’s claiming that windmills cause planes to crash now too.

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