CPAC Will Carry-On (boy howdy, will it ever!)

Hat tip: @NotHoodlum on Twitter

CPAC will go on, on schedule, despite the $9M+ Amero law suit filed against Schlapp for schlapping the junk of a male campaign aid. Allegedly.

In just over one month, the Conservative Political Action Coalition is set to hold a large gathering of influential Republicans at its annual conference near Washington, DC.

Dozens of GOP members of Congress are likely to attend, if previous years offer any indication, and the conference’s chief organizer — American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp — has already begun to roll out scheduled speakers.

That’s despite Schlapp being the subject of a $9.4 million lawsuit: a man who worked as a mid-level staffer on Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign has accused Schlapp of sexually assaulting him after a night of drinking in October, as first reported by The Daily Beast.

“I will never forget the look on Matt’s face as he did what he did,” the staffer told Insider in a recent interview, describing Schlapp’s “smug look of satisfaction” as he allegedly groped and fondled the man’s genital area at length. “That’s something that will be burned into my mind for the rest of my days.”

Republicans are really good at ignoring the elephant in the room, so I am putting my Quatloos down that Schlapp will take to the stage to a standing ovation for standing up to the Woke Agenda (or whatever nonsense message of the day happens to be) and return to his private suite to order room servicing.

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  1. “to order room servicing.”

    There has been historically a significant traffic bump to Grindr during the CPAC party/”what happens at CPAC stays at CPAC’ shindig.

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  2. retiredeng says:

    I have no idea why. But this post made me think of a quote from a famous local drag queen Sylvia Sydney: “Spread your cheeks Mary, I’m coming in for a landing.”

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  3. roket says:

    Twilight Zone: The Party of Q, Projectionist Extraordinaire

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