Reminder: Always Punch The Nazi

Indiana Jones say, “Always punch the Nazi”

What is old is new again:

Trump’s Neo-Nazi Dinner Date Nick Fuentes Booted From Twitter Less Than 24 Hours After Being Reinstated

…When Fuentes had access to his account, he reportedly posted a GIF of the Ye 2024 logo which then morphed into the message “DEFCON 3.” This was apparently a reference to the infamous tweet that got West kicked off of Twitter last year. Fuentes also hosted a Twitter Spaces last night where he parroted West’s comments and gave more praise for Hitler.

When professional racist Nick Fuentes’ Hitler fanboy-ism is too great for Space Karen, well, that’s something. At the same time, this puts the lie to Space Karen’s political free-speech absolutism and shows us that even for him there is a need for moderation and censorship.

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