News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News

“I got you, Comrade!”

My head, it spins:

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  2. Mike B. says:

    I don’t think Joe Biden wants the war to end. It’s working out great for the US, at least some people in the US. We’re spending some money, but we get to fight Russia without US casualties. We’ve got Germany buying our liquid natural gas at a price much higher than gas from Russia, which is hurting its economy. We have lots of NATO countries increasing their military budgets, some of which will be spent on weapons made here. Now if we can get PRC to attack Taiwan island, we can do it again. We might end up in a nuclear war, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.


    • So, what..we should hang Ukraine out to dry?

      How well did that work in the 30’s as Germany annexed Czechoslovakia and Austria? I remember the announcement after that “Peace in our time!”

      We already did that when Putin invaded Georgia and openly annexed Crimea and we barely condemned it. There’s a direct line between those events and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

      When you ask yourself ‘What would you have done if you were around in the 30’s watching Hitlers rise to power’? What are you doing?

      Some Americans joined the Lincoln Brigades. Others openly embraced Hitler. A whole lot proclaimed “It’s none of our business”.

      Some of them were agents for Hitler.

      Sound at all familiar?

      Well it was all none of our business until it was very much our business and American soldiers were dying.

      Hells yeah I support spending money; at least people are getting something useful out of our gargantuan Defense spending other than Defense contractors.

      The least we can do is continue to support the Ukrainian people.

      Our country has a long and disgraceful history of being on the wrong side of a lot of other people’s fights against oppression. It feels good to be clearly on the right side for once.

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    • schmice3 says:

      You raised some good points. The omelet metaphor is very funny. But fuck Putin; he’s a paper tiger


      • Mike B. says:

        I can’t take credit for the omelet metaphor; it’s an old saying. I also think Putin is a horrible person, who started this war, which has been a disaster in many ways.

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      • schmice3 says:

        I hope he soon gets the chance to spend more time with his family…in Siberia


    • This one is for you.


  3. CourtRoomInYourMind says:

    Mike, you drunk?


    • Mike B. says:

      No, I just don’t want people to break their arms patting themselves on the back for supporting this war when other people are doing the suffering.


      • We’re not “patting ourselves on the back for supporting the war when other people are doing the suffering”

        That implies we shouldn’t support them unless we ourselves are out there fighting.

        That and the implication that all this is just a ploy to goose defense spending is a weird take, when what’s happening (especially in Europe) is the realization that Russia IS stepping up it’s territorial ambitions; that proclaiming “Ukraine is part of Russia” certainly makes the rest of Eastern Europe nervous as hell. People living in those countries remember when they were “part of Russia”

        Even the Ukranians are saying we don’t want you to come fight for us, just give us the tools to do it ourselves.

        Everything you wrote also makes sense in that light rather than “All this is very convenient for Joe Biden and US Capitalists!”


  4. Richard says:

    I feel dizzy when i see these things. Like i ate datura and i am going through some kind of hallucinatory endurance test.


  5. osirisopto says:

    And they managed to keep a straight face? Man, these guys are good.


  6. Professor Pupdog says:

    Trump will call Putin and end the war? You mean he still has some confidential documents he didn’t already give to Putin?


  7. artahzen says:

    TFG would end the war by giving everything to Putin. That’s what Putin depended on before he was forced to invade without US support because we threw the traitor bastard to the curb and reset the chess board. The more Russians the Ukrainians kill there, the fewer there are left to fuck with us or Europe. It is a good bargain for us and the Ukrainians are equal to the task if properly supplied. Our great big ole huge defense budget is getting some good use out of the money.

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  8. Stony Pillow says:

    Tom DeLay’s district has given us another winner.


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