SHOCKER: Area Golf Cheat Cheats At Golf!

It’s as real as his score

And so now we know how Lord Damp Nut won the senior’s tournament at one of his trash courses: he cheated, of course.

But first, the bragging:

“A great honor,” Trump wrote. He added, “Competed against many fine golfers, and was hitting the ball long and straight. The reason that I announce this on fabulous TRUTH is that, in a very real way, it serves as a physical exam, only MUCH tougher. You need strength and stamina to WIN, & I have strength & stamina – most others don’t. You also need strength & stamina to GOVERN!”

So what did he do, exactly?

According to the Daily Mail, Trump used the score from a round he played on Thursday and counted it in place of the tournament’s first round on Saturday. The tournament used the Stableford scoring system, in which birdies count for three points, pars count for two, bogeys earn one point, and double bogeys and worse get nothing. In that Thursday round, Trump claimed to have earned 40 points — putting him five clear of the leader after the first day.
In the standard scoring system, Trump’s round would have translated to, at worst, a 68 — a score of four under on the par 72 track. That, of course, presumes the score is credible — which, based on much reporting over the years about the former president’s golf game and scorekeeping, is a very shaky assumption. Famed sportswriter Rick Reilly, who once wrote a book about Trump’s golf game, said that his scores are not to be taken at face value.
“He cheats like a mafia accountant,” Reilly told CNN in 2019. “He cheats crazy. He cheats whether you’re watching or not. He cheats whether you like it or not.”

More on what Rick Reilly says of this tournament here.

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9 Responses to SHOCKER: Area Golf Cheat Cheats At Golf!

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. If we didn’t already know what kind of person he was, you could almost (almost!) feel sorry for his pathological need to be the best at everything (where, of course, the reality is anything but).

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  2. MDavis says:

    I’ll give you some fabulous truth. Something’s up regarding his health. Maybe he can’t find a doctor to give him a clean bill of health, maybe someone actually compared his height to his weight and told him what it means. Maybe he couldn’t make it all the way up a ramp without taking a break. (stamina!)
    All just speculation, but I’d guess he’s having a bad week and is squirting ink to cover for it.

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  3. roket says:

    And Putin wins all his hockey games. Yadda yadda yadda

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  4. Jharp says:

    Did Trump shit his pants or what?

    It sure looks like he had an accident.

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  5. gruaud says:

    Trump would cheat to get a participation trophy.



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