The Sand People Have Spoken!

Who Wore it Better?




The Terrible Sand People of the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan do not like their senator.

In December, Public Policy Polling released a survey conducted on Gallego’s behalf showing the Democratic congressman (40%) statistically tied with former GOP gubernatorial nominee (and possible future Senate candidate) Kari Lake (41%) — while Sinema (13%) trailed both Gallego and Lake by nearly 30 points.

An even more recent survey by Blueprint Polling again found Lake (36%) and Gallego (32%) locked in a close battle, with Sinema (14%) far behind.

Such paltry numbers suggest that rather than uniting moderates behind her, Sinema’s prized independence may have left her without a natural constituency heading into 2024.

“Fox News on line one, Senator.”

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3 Responses to The Sand People Have Spoken!

  1. ‘Tis a modern miracle! Bipartisan response “We hate her…we really really hate her guts”

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  2. Richard says:

    My brother lives in Tucson. He hates her also, too. The scary thing, is after that Kari Lake lost, i called him a few days later. We were really afraid that she would win. We shouldn’t have to be afraid of these nutjobs and GOP wankers, but we are.

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  3. William Huber says:

    The reason why Kirsten Sinema is unable to build that centrist coalition and fight off a Democratic challenger the way Joe Lieberman did in the 2000’s is that Arizona is a purple state where Republicans are very competitive for state wide office. Joe Lieberman was in deep blue Connecticut, where republican voters didn’t expect they could do any better than a conservative Democrat.

    Did Sinema really think making a big show of stabbing her own party in the back was going to make her more popular or was losing her seat always to be expected? Is she willingly a sellout who embodies everything she used to hate or is she being blackmailed? Is she stupid or is she just selfish and opportunistic? I would love some kind of insiders account someday as to what you’re thinking was here.

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