#BirdChan Welcomes The Return of Nick Fuentes

Space Karen has restored the account of Nick Fuentes because… reasons.

Fuentes was last seen dining with Hair Füror at Merde-a-Lardo, who by all accounts seemed smitten by the young Nazi.

I cannot stress this enough: it’s beyond time to get off of Twitter.

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2 Responses to #BirdChan Welcomes The Return of Nick Fuentes

  1. When I went to twitter the “Trending” was James Woods, Catturd and Jimmy Dore (a tedious ‘comic’ who’s quite the antivaxxer and ‘lol it’s cold out where’s that global warming, Greta??’ type bullshit. )

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I gave up on Twitter quite a while ago when Musky took over, but then I only used it to find videos of cats, dogs, and other funny videos. Don’t go there nevermore…

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