That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

But as foretold in prophecy:

To which one Representative (D-CA) replies:

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4 Responses to That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

  1. Gonna need an industrial sized drum of aloe for that burn…

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  2. IM RowPog says:

    I respectfully suggest that he was never a ‘drag queen’; he’s just doing what one might call …. a reverse-Jenner(?)

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  3. LOL Mrs BDR found his and passed it on to me…


  4. w3ski4me says:

    If the poor schmuck had just campaigned as a Drag Queen, to begin with, he wouldn’t be getting half the flack he is now.
    But how will the GQP continue to protest at Drag Shows when one of their own members is out and proud?



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