Nice Work If You Can Get It…

Sen. Joe Manchin

(Undated File Photo)

…and you can get it if you try:

Joe Manchin has helped steer millions in federal funds to groups linked to his wife

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has played a role steering millions of dollars in federal funds to organizations linked to his wife Gayle Manchin over the past several years, according to a FOX Business review of grants and loans.

The West Virginia lawmaker has helped ensure funding reached at least three organizations where his wife worked at the time, and another group that indirectly benefited a fourth organization linked to his wife.

Four times is not a coinkydink.

As a moderate, Manchin – a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee that oversees federal discretionary spending bills – has taken a leading role on key Democratic legislative priorities since President Biden took office.

And sank every one of them.

In response to an inquiry, a spokesperson for Manchin said the senator was committed to using his role on the Appropriations Committee to “fight for” West Virginia causes and noted that other lawmakers were also involved in funding efforts benefiting his wife’s employers.

“Gayle Manchin is in West Virginia,” the spokesperson did not say, “and so is the payola!”

“Senator Manchin’s position on the Senate Appropriations Committee uniquely positions him to fight for causes important to West Virginia,” the spokesperson told FOX Business.

“Like getting the Manchins’ filthy paws into piles and piles of cold hard cash,” the spokesperson did not say.

“The loans and grants specially outlined in this article were all announced with bipartisan support from both state and federal legislators representing West Virginia.”

“It was good to be King,” Joe Manchin didn’t add, “And John Fetterman ruined it for me.”

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2 Responses to Nice Work If You Can Get It…

  1. gruaud says:

    Joe Manchin should have named his yacht ‘Gravy Train’.

    ‘Almost Heaven’ doesn’t quite rub our noses in it enough.

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    • Iron City says:

      Seems he is taking a page, or whole chapters, from the book of Robert Byrd. Senator and goose who laid platinum eggs for WV in roads, education, FBI and NASA facilities, and oh so much else.


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