GOP Drag Queen Story Time

Honest to Blog, is there anything that George Santos (IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME) has not lied about? How many identities does this man have?

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13 Responses to GOP Drag Queen Story Time

  1. I am now wondering if he didn’t run for Congress, expecting to lose, while hoovering up campaign contributions to launder back to his pocket.

    (Honestly that’s what I figured Mango Mussolini was doing in 2016, too)

    Then he won…and now he’s stuck in the spotlight, and all his past secrets are tumbling out into the daylight like a suitcase full of incriminating evidence and stolen cash sprung open on the crowded windy train platform (to UTTERLY mangle a metaphor 🙂

    There’s go to be a limit to how much even Quevin and Margie 3Toes can cover for him….

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  2. gruaud says:

    There is no limit, no bar too low, no abyss too deep.

    I have long suspected that depravity is a GOP superpower. It is why TFG remains a sarcoma on the body politic.

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  3. Richard says:

    It is beyond belief. I always expect the worst from the GOP, because they prove it every time. But this guy takes the cake. GOP is happy to ban books and talk about jewish space lasers and pedophile groomers, but when it is their Anthony Kitara George Yiannapoulos whatsisname they appoint him to a commitee. Maybe he will appeal to the “jew-ish” and “gay-ish” voters. There ought to be a law.

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    • Carol Decker says:

      I’m sure there is a law, but Republicans are selective about laws. They can ignore them but if a Dem does ANYTHING , it’s the worst thing ever.


      • “Conservatism consists of exactly one principle: there is an in-group whom the law protects, but does not bind, alongside an out-group whom the law binds, but does not protect.


  4. skinnydennis says:

    I dub thee Friar Tuck.

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  5. Lsamsa says:

    Would it not be an actual legal issue if he signed a false name to all the paperwork he has to file to run for office?

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    • to date I’ve never heard of him using anything but some combination of his four legal names, so I think he skates on that.

      (stage names do not apply)


      • Lsamsa says:

        Thanks Bruce.


      • Richard says:

        Bummer. I still believe in the law. And so that means we can’t catch him in that net. Also we can not arrest him for claiming to be jewish.
        This slimy little mofo is not stupid, but he does claim to be a republican GOP. He lies all the time. I wouldn’t feed George Santos remains to the dogs, for fear it would poison them. This is todays George Santos curse, old style.


  6. Richard says:

    We used to think so, but now it is hard to know. These are lawless times. I look at poor Haiti and see the future. I look at these GOP type politicians and i don’t even have an answer. They seem like television people.

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