Death and Taxes, Part Infinity

“My Preciousssss”

More details on K-Mac’s deal with the Debbil:

As part of his deal to become House speaker, Kevin McCarthy reportedly promised his party’s conservative hardliners a vote on legislation that would scrap the entire American tax code and replace it with a jumbo-sized national sales tax.

The assurance got relatively little attention at the time, drowned out by the many other concessions McCarthy made to win his gavel. But with Democrats already attacking the proposal, some conservatives see it as a political headache in the making…

The idea of a “fair tax” that would replace our current IRS code with a single sales tax was popularized on conservative talk radio in the late 1990s. It has kicked around Washington ever since, popping up in the occasional presidential platform, but never received a vote.

Its current champion in Congress is Georgia Rep. Earl “Buddy” Carter, whose Fair Tax Act would swap out the income, payroll, estate, and corporate levies for a 30% national sales tax. It would also send out “prebate” checks to soften the blow on lower income families, all while abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

And as we all know, that is a very regressive tax that will clobber lower-income people the hardest.

UPDATE 1: Grover ‘Drown The Government In A Bathtub’ Norquist:

This is a political gift to Biden and the Democrats. I think that this is the first significant problem created for the Republican Party by the 20 people who thought that there was no downside to the approach they took.

UPDATE 2: President Handsome Joe Biden —

Great idea. It would raise taxes on the middle class by taxing thousands of everyday items from groceries to gas, while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans.

And if I’m not mistaken, what they’ve introduced — it also would totally eliminate the IRS. It feels good, except all going to be sales tax. Go home and tell your moms. They’re going to be really excited about that.

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6 Responses to Death and Taxes, Part Infinity

  1. MDavis says:

    No more tax-free wholesale, right? RIGHT!?

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Taxes seem to be a kind of weapon to the GQP. Reward the rich and heavily tax those poor. A cudgel to be used when possible. It’s kind of un-American, but not that they’d care. Not the taxing mind you, but the collection of the taxes. Effing Vultures are what I see.

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    • Vultures are a vital part of the ecosystem they inhabit. Comparing these monsters to vultures is an insult to vultures.

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      • MDavis says:

        How about mosquitos? They are tiny buzzing pests that are far more deadly than they look. The bite causes itch, but the damage is done by the bile they spew, full of disease.
        About the only use I know of for mosquitos is that their larva feed certain other small critters.

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  3. MDavis says:

    Getting serious, it’s not too soon to start banging the drum about the necessity of extending the tax breaks for the middle class that were inserted in the last tax legislation as bait.
    “Stop the switch!”, how’s that for a slogan?
    If it’s not made extremely public that this plan was crafted to pull the tax rug out from under, any protests will be reported as democrats scamming or crying/whining about the marvelous tax plan that Vulgarmort gifted to everyone. Clearly any raise in taxes is the fault of democrats, they’ll say, and far too many people will bite on that, forgetting to stick to the damn point, that the tax reduction for the low and middle income is the one that does the most good for the entire population.
    Okay, time for me to put my soapbox away.

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  4. Carol Decker says:

    After his buddy Gaetz moves to have the speakership taken away from Kevin, can Kevin keep that sign as a keepsake?



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