Of the many ways reporting on women elected officials is different from men (the clothes, the hair, and so on), one of the differentiators is that our Failed Political Press ™ focuses on friction between The Skirts in a way that is different than they do on The Suits. You see, men argue and women scream.

The Daily Beast has all the deets:

…On the first day of Congress this year, Jan. 3, the mounting tension between Greene and Boebert reached its boiling point. According to multiple sources, the two women were nearly in a screaming match in the Speaker’s lobby ladies room just off the House floor.

“Greene questioned Boebert’s loyalty to McCarthy, and after a few words were exchanged, Boebert stormed out,” a source familiar with the fight told The Daily Beast.

According to another source familiar, while in the bathroom, Greene asked Boebert, “You were OK taking millions of dollars from McCarthy but you refuse to vote for him for Speaker, Lauren?”

The first source said Greene was in a stall and, upon coming out, confronted Boebert about taking money from McCarthy for her re-election and then turning against McCarthy when it came time to vote. The Colorado Republican was allegedly unaware that Greene was also in the bathroom at the time.

“That’s when Lauren said, ‘Don’t be ugly,’” the first source said, before she—in the words of this source—“ran out like a little schoolgirl.”

Asked about the dustup in the Capitol, Boebert simply said, “See you later. Bye.” (Boebert didn’t return The Daily Beast’s subsequent request for comment ahead of publication.)

Greene didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

It’s not exactly Dynasty, but… the misogyny just drips off the page. Probably because both parties are so unlikeable no one really will think about it like this, but what if it were two women other than these clowns? Would the story be framed like a middle-school girl fight over a boy?

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4 Responses to Girl-Fight!

  1. gruaud says:

    Mrs Gru will call me out when I make a sexist remark, and I’m usually surprised. The sexism is so casual and ingrained that one can easily overlook it.

    Disclosure: I am an oldish boomer. No excuse but that crap is baked in when you’re a kid. Vigilance.

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  2. Sadly yes.

    Not that I disbelieve that Margi 3Toes and Boom Boom got into a screaming match, but as gruaud above says…it’s baked in.

    Men are tough,Women are shrill.
    Men are leaders, Women are bossy.
    Men get angry, Women get hysterical.

    Of course our Failed Political Press has been in the thrall of absolute sexist pigs for decades, and fish rots from the head down, so it’s been self-reinforcing.

    It was really brought to my attention with all the stuff around Barbara Walters’ death, and the nearly unbelievable (by my standards) sexism she faced pretty much throughout her career.

    And the rising tide of reactionary politics is making it worse.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    The news hungrily awaits them coming to blows. Anything less is just fan mail.

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  4. purplehead says:

    Rep. Debbie Dingell takes the high ground.

    That’s too bad.


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