PA Republicans Want To Know What Went Wrong, Hilarity Ensues

Will anyone claim the body?

The state of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party is conducting an autopsy of what went wrong in the 2022 Pie Fight. As we all know, PA Republicans failed to flip any congressional districts, lost the governor’s race, US Senate race, and majority of state House seats.

After the party’s disastrous midterm races, Republicans in the critical battleground state are conducting a postmortem, holding focus groups throughout the state and interviewing thousands of voters about everything from abortion to former President Donald Trump in hopes of getting to the bottom of their losses. As a sign of the seriousness of the effort, the state party has enlisted Public Opinion Strategies, a D.C. area-based firm, to conduct the review of the 2022 election. Republicans said it is expected to cost $100,000…

“Every aspect of the 2022 election will be examined,” wrote Lawrence Tabas, the chair of the state Republican Party, in an email to supporters obtained by POLITICO about the postmortem. He added that its funding would help inform “clear messaging on what we, as Republicans, stand for.”

Popcorn, anyone?

Well, this ought to be interesting. For a cuppa coffee and a slice a pie I could tell them in one sentence, but it’s one thing to learn the truth and an entirely different thing to believe it.

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3 Responses to PA Republicans Want To Know What Went Wrong, Hilarity Ensues

  1. Their expensicve consultants will tell them that “It was because you let the craziest asshole you could find run for office. and there just arent enough ‘crazy-ass MAGA republican voters’ in PA for you to win.”

    And they will go:

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  2. That “RED Wave” gambit sought to create fear crime by not-White people, and nobody bought it.

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  3. roket says:

    Let the conspiracy theories about Public Opinion Strategies begin. Followed by fiscally conservative public hearings of course.


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