In Which K-Mac Learns About Cause and Effect

“My Preciousssss”

Hey guys, remember that time when K-Mac (who is really bad at his job) went long and low on Rep. Swalwell?

Cause and effect, K-Mac.

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8 Responses to In Which K-Mac Learns About Cause and Effect

  1. Jimmy T says:

    You would expect a modern reputable institution like Patients Choice Laboratories, would be in the business of helping people. Firing an employee who made threats to the life of a congressman is consistent with their mission…

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    • Firing an employee who made threats to the life of a congressman is consistent with their mission…

      Honestly I think such an action should be consistent with ANY company’s ‘mission’, unless they were literally “Murder, Inc”

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    • ali redford says:

      It struck me also that the person making the threats ought to have a care and treatment hearing, with treatment coverage provided by their employee insurance.
      I’m not saying that termination oughtn’t have happened at some point, but just turning them loose after firing them seems to me would make them even more dangerous.
      But, his former employer is in no way liable for them now, I suppose. As you said, the mission!


      • Honestly, 99.99% of these blowhards are not mentally ill whatsoever; the physical remove of social media encourages them to be blowhard assholes in ways that would get them punched in the nose if they were to spout this kind of shit in person.

        It’s like frat babies (I won’t even call them ‘boys’) egging each other on, then screaming “hold me back, bros!” when it appears they might be getting physical.

        They marinate in an online echo chamber where this kind of stuff is normalized behavior, because the chances of real-world consequences are remote at best, and rarely actually think about what they’re doing.

        There is that 0.01% who will show up at a congressman’s house with a gun, though…

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      • ali redford says:

        Understood. Well understood.
        That said, well what you say about the 0.01%. Maybe treatment and no immediate threat of loss of income could change something, or at least hold off a bad act.


  2. annieasksyou says:

    Since “K-Mac” didn’t learn cause and effect when his own life was threatened on Jan.6, it looks like his mental capabilities do not extend to causal relationships.

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  3. pagan in repose says:

    Your basic blow-hards trying to blow-harder…except for that 0.0% that take it beyond discourse into violence. I agree that some consoling before termination would be a good thing.

    You would think that MaCarthy would know the kind of reaction that that kind of language has caused in the recent past. And of course he does understand. Considering the Republicans have been using it for decades. Just as Trump used it to start an insurrection against our country.

    Now we see them using more of that rhetoric since they won their slim control of the House. And where it’s going to stop is anybody’s guess… No special M&Ms for this shit, I guess.


  4. Just like Shingles, K-Mac doesn’t care.



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