Told Ya So

Gym Jordan: “I know nothing!”

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie goes LONG:

In a September interview with CBS’ SCOTT PELLEY for “60 Minutes,” President JOE BIDEN blasted DONALD TRUMP for taking sensitive classified materials with him to Mar-a-Lago. When he learned the news, Biden said he instantly wanted to know “how that could possibly happen.” He worried that the documents contained information “that may compromise sources and methods.” He was flummoxed how “anyone could be that irresponsible.”

Now, four months later, those same pointed reactions are aimed at Biden after the revelation yesterday that a trove of classified documents were discovered in the garage at his home in Wilmington, Del. — prompting AG MERRICK GARLAND to appoint former U.S. Attorney ROBERT HUR as special counsel to probe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

For the White House, it’s a burgeoning political nightmare that comes just as Biden tries to draw a contrast with the new House Republican majority, which the administration is eager to cast as chaotic and irresponsible.

For the GOP, it’s a belated Christmas gift, and Republicans are positively giddy. While the White House has done its utmost to distinguish Biden’s and Trump’s situations — both in terms of the breadth of documents as well as the manner in which both men cooperated with investigators (or not, in Trump’s case) — Republicans are confident they can chalk up those up to semantics.

They’re already adding this new line of inquiry to their mountain of “must-probe” leads — and alleging that Trump is being held to a “double standard” when compared to the justice system’s treatment of Biden.

Pay-up, ya bums!

He’s gonna benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI!!1! the eff out of this.

Back to Tiger Beat, where we get to inevitable, Some Say…

While sitting presidents can’t be charged with a crime — thanks to an obscure DOJ rule that we all become familiar with during the Trump years — Democrats privately concede that this isn’t looking good for Biden. As our colleague Christopher Cadelago reports, some Dems quietly admit that the situation gives the “president’s critics a chance to denounce him as negligent, hypocritical or careless right at a time when things were moving Biden’s way.”

Aaaaaand an unnamed, allegedly Democratic source gives the Beltway the catnip it so desperately wants:

“I think it takes the whole Trump scandal off the table,” one Democratic operative told Chris.

Because: Politico is in the business of gossip and Right Wing Wish Fulfillment.

The astute reader will note (even if you go to the full Politico piece) that they never find a Republican operative to give a comment like, “Hair Füror is still totally eff’ed in the dark,” or who says that this is politics, not actually legally actionable.

This news is a gift to Republicans, who benefit anytime the media loses focus on GOP efforts to ban abortion, obstruct justice, and defund the IRS so the rich can do more tax cheating.

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6 Responses to Told Ya So

  1. gruaud says:

    I still maintain that those documents were planted by GOP operatives.

    When we find out is TBD, although the damage is already done.

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  2. lofgren says:

    I’m sure twitter has already explained this to him, but to answer Jim Jordan’s questions:

    No raid was necessary because they gave the documents back as soon as they found them.
    Nobody took pictures of empty top secret envelopes with their contents missing as proof that the documents were mishandled, because they were still in their top secret envelopes.
    There is a special counsel and the only reason there is one is because the Biden administration is trying to go out of its way to appear scrupulous and untainted by corruption. At the moment, it does not even appear that a crime has been committed.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Poor President Joe. This was the last thing he needed. Even though it means little, unlike Traitor tRump’s crime, they will never let this go. And now we get to listen to all the whimpering and hand-wringing, at full volume.

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  4. jaf48 says:

    So no one in the Queens, NY could find time to do minimal oppo research on Santos. An no one on Biden’s staff could review what was in his home offices to ensure that no such blunders had occurred. As a small donor to the Dems for several decades, I am willing to admit that I was foolish to assume even basic competence inside this clown car.


    • Actually a whole lot of oppo research was done on Santos; even the official Democratic party oppo package included stuff about it (albeit buried in the middle of a whole bunch of “Santos is a full MAGA crazy”), a local right-leaning Long Island newspaper had uncovered and published this stuff in September, and the Dem opponents campaign itself put out press releases highlighting Santos’ dubious claims and were ignored by the entirely dysfunctional NY State Democratic organization.

      Districts were lost in NY to Biden+8 districts because everyone swallowed the “omigawd!!!CRIMEEE!WE’RE ALL GONNA BE MURDERED” narrative pushed by the media and the Mayor.

      Gee…whoodathunk that electing a NY Mayor who’s a bastard cop would result in ACAB propaganda???

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